Using stashed fabric

22 Oct

A few years ago (2011) I went to the Festival of Quilts for the first time with Emily (blog post here), I bought these 1/2 metre cuts of fabric:

Boden flannels

They are flannels from Boden, I’m pretty sure they were being sold by Fabrics Galore.  Anyway the one on the right has been used but the left one not cut at all.  I had bought them with the plan to make something for Mathias and I decided that it was about time to do that.

On Sunday I pulled out the ready traced pattern for the Goodnight sweetheart pyjama bottoms (from Sewing for Boys) and laid it out on the fabric.  The fabric was about an inch too narrow!  So I put it away.  But on Monday night I pulled it out again and worked out that if I cut the pieces out I could use a bit of the excess fabric to stitch on where I was missing a bit.


I think you can see in this photo where I’ve added the piece in, I probably should have finished the seam but I was too lazy!  Anyway having made at least 3 pairs of these before they were a quick make.  When Mathias came home from school I checked the sizing of the waist and finished off the elastic and they were ready for him to wear that night.


I’m no fabric expert but there are a sort of flannel fabric, very soft but without a brushed side.


He is one happy boy and without asking decided to strike some poses at the top of the stairs!  I think that’s all the kids clothes sewing I’ll be doing this week, have you made anything for a child you know?

kid's clothes week

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2 Replies to “Using stashed fabric

  1. They look very comfy! I bought a piece of the right hand fabric from Emily when she was destash ing and also used the same pattern as you lol! They are now being worn by child #2!

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