More catching up….

9 Feb

I’ve been busy sewing and not blogging, but today I have got some scrappy makes to share.

First up is a couple of gifts I made for Christmas; one hour baskets for my girls:

IMG_7764This one was made for Leah with scrap fabrics from things I’ve made her over the last couple of years: IMG_7769

And this one for Bethan:

IMG_7761Made from scraps from her Hazel Hedgehog quilt.  Need I state the obvious that neither of these took an hour?  The piecing was the longest bit though and I think that once the panels were pieced an hour is about right.IMG_7770

These photo’s were taken recently after a month or so of use; I don’t know what the interfacing is, it’s just from stash but it gives them quite a good structure, not at all floppy.

A family gift at Christmas was a new iPad, the one we had was ancient, incredibly slow and not much use for anything.  So a new gadget meant a new case:

IMG_7776In a drawer I had a bag full of 1.5″ squares, I’m not sure why.  I must have cut them a long time ago for something and never used them, there were a lot of old prints in there and a lot of pink. I thought I’d piece them and then quilt them all in to the right size panels. IMG_7781

I used this tutorial when I made a laptop case for Tobit (over five years ago!) and referred to it again for size calculations and construction tips.

At some point things the quilting went a bit wonky, none of it is particularly visible in the photo’s and too be honest I didn’t really mind the wonk.  I added a large zip pocket to the front of the case for the cable and iPad pen otherwise both are likely to be lost!

IMG_7783So that is one less bag of scraps in the house, it also proves that it can be worth saving all those offcuts – some I know were from boxing the bottom of bags and pouches. I have also created more scraps; some from making the Preppy the Whale quilt (blog post to come once the weather is calmer and drier): Untitled

Those HST units at the top right of the photo are just 1.23″ square!  I stitched the offcuts as I sewed the whale sections while the pieces were together, it didn’t take much time and now I have a bag full of bits to do something with!

There were more from making snowball blocks for Hannah in the Siblings Together bee:


These are approx 2.25″ square so a slightly easier more usable size!

I’m off to link up and be inspired by everyone else’s scrappy makes, you never know I might find an idea for all those little bits above!

Scraptastic Tuesday
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7 Replies to “More catching up….

  1. Bravo! Love what you have made from yours scraps – not sure I have your patience with those really small bits though….Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  2. I love the idea of making the baskets from scraps from the girls’ quilts! I have a pile of small HSTs from the blue and white quilt I’m (still) making and, at some point, I’m going to make them into a couple of cushions to go with the quilt. I wonder which I’ll finish first: the cushions or the quilt?!

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