Deliciously scrappy

8 Mar

I can’t quite believe that this quilt top took less than 2 weeks to make but has been on my unwritten list to do for over 2 years!

My initial fabric pull was this:

Initial fabric pull for Marcelle MedallionI’m not really sure what I was thinking because actually the pattern can be made using a stack of scraps! This first part was made using fat quarters: Marcelle Medallion centre and border 1

Apart from borders 6 and 8 the rest was made from scraps.  Using the centre of the medallion as a starting point for colours I pulled scraps from my pink, orange, green and blue boxes:

UntitledI also have a bag of low volume scraps and used these for the low volume sections, a few bits were pulled from fat quarters but most were scraps: Untitled

For some reason I’d really looked forward to making border seven and made it before borders 5 and 6!  My eldest daughter sorted them into an order for each border for me:

Marcelle Medallion border 7 preparationI love this scrappy quilt top and would really love to make another! I was feeling a bit sad that I was all out of wadding so despite having the backing fabric picked out I knew that due to insufficient funds I’d have to wait a while before going any further.  But then we were having a bit of a sort out in the loft and Tobit found a bag with half a roll of wadding in!  I had a funny feeling that I might have had some somewhere but thought I was dreaming, now I just need to baste and quilt.   Marcelle Medallion quilt top finished

I’m pretty much decided that this would really benefit from hand quilting and as this has been a purely for pleasure make so I’m going to prolong the joy even further!

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9 Replies to “Deliciously scrappy

  1. Love the peek at your stash choices. Lots of ‘I’ve got some of that/I’d like some of that’! The quilt is stunning. I’m looking at my scrap jars with renewed interest. My Scraptastic contribution a bit restrained/boring by comparison….when I get round to posting it.

  2. wow – this is a beauty ! I love the colours and all the scrappy energy it is radiating! Enjoy the hand quilting. Thanks for linking up to #scraptastictuesday

  3. I love it!!! I really am enjoying my own medallion quilt – but I haven’t planned it all out. Each new section is decided on the fly – and for me, part of the fun is not having the faintest clue what the final quilt will look like.

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