#mayisformakers week 2

13 May

I’ve made some progress on the Groove quilt; it’s all cut out, I’ve stitched all the curves and I’m starting to put it together.

But, this arrived yesterday:

UntitledI’ve eyed this up ever since it was released, recently Leah has requested a fox quilt and then I had a gift voucher (more about that in Sunday Stash) to spend so I used it on the paper pattern.  

I had some time to do a little bit of cutting and this morning I’ve made this: Untitled

As expected the instructions are clear and I can’t wait to make more but I probably should continue with the Groove quilt first! Have you bought any patterns for May Is For Makers?

May Is For Makers | LRstitched.com
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3 Replies to “#mayisformakers week 2

  1. No, I haven’t purchased any new patterns. But I DO have that Fancy Forest patten waiting for some attention. I just need a push to get started!!

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