Sunday Stash #61

27 Jun

Some fabric arrived on Saturday; a bright moment in a week that won’t be forgotten in a hurry.  I came across some Anna Maria Horner knit fabric on sale for £6 p/m, I’ve seen it elsewhere for as much as £26p/m!  Anyway I’ve been having quite a lot of fun and success in my sewing with knits adventure and so I quickly snapped up 3 metres of it:

UntitledIt’s called sealing wax knit and it’s a gorgeous orange and cream colour.  The weather was sunny so I washed and dried it while thinking about what I might use it for. Untitled It will probably be a top for me and maybe something for one of the girls but we won’t be wearing them at the same time! I made a top for Bethan last weekend which was quite successful (in the line to be blogged about) however i didn’t like how the hems finished so did a bit of research and reading around hemming knits.  On the basis of this article I bought a spool of Seraflock stretch thread from Jaycotts.  Fingers crossed it will help. IMG_2167 I also bought half a metre of a low volume text print from the Flower Patch line by Lori Holt:

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 14.14.04

Not only is it a great fabric it has plenty of handy gardening tips for a novice like me:

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 14.16.59

Now that the UK pound has crashed i’m anticipating that the cost of buying fabric in this country will increase and buying from overseas will be non starter due to the strength of the dollar.  On the bright side I have plenty in my stash I can sew with.


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3 Replies to “Sunday Stash #61

  1. See, there was a bright side to all that stash-building… It is indeed sad that this decision affects our fabric buying. The fabric that I bought in India was $2 per meter and that was the most expensive one. The savings would justify shipping 🙂

  2. Lovely fabric! Yes, work from the stash for a bit, I’m sure the pound will rally soon enough….at least that’s what I hope here in Canada with our dollar vs. the American dollar!

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