Hoping for a productive summer – 3rd quarter FAL

12 Jul

The last quarter wasn’t the most successful but when I wrote my list I didn’t know I’d be working 3 days a week! So I’m carrying a few over and have a stack of new things to add.

I made this quilt top pretty quickly in May as a wedding gift for Tobit’s brother; I’m searching for the perfect backing fabric so that I can then get on and quilt it.  You may notice an error in the quilt top, that has since been corrected despite most of IG suggesting I leave it:


I want to get this finished and gifted way before their first anniversary (next April) but this quarter would be even better.

I finished this quilt top in April I think and again I need the right backing fabric before I make any more progress.  And like the above quilt top it also has an error in it; can you spot it?  Thanks go to Helen for drawing my attention to it, it has also been easily fixed!

IMG_8256I’d love to have this completely finished by the end of this quarter.

I’m not aware of any errors in this quilt!  Other than the miscalculation on my part of the background fabric – that has been remedied and I’m now dealing with the request for a super size fox to go on the back:

UntitledI’m really pleased that I’ve made good progress with hand quilting my Marcelle Medallion over the last quarter: UntitledI ran out of orange thread so had to halt last week on the last border but I’ve restocked now so really hope that I can finish the hand quilting in the next month and then choose binding and get it finished and in use.

Due to hand quilting my Marcelle Medallion this Haptic Lab world map has taken a back seat but I did pick it up last week after running out of the orange thread. I’m a long way off finishing but with holidays coming up there may well be opportunities to make good progress with this so I’m keeping it on my list:

UntitledI’ve never had so many unfinished quilts at once!  Here’s hoping I can complete one or two!     This is going to be a gift for Bethan’s wonderful teacher, it’s been a difficult school year in many respects and her teacher has been a great support, so Bethan chose this block from the Fancy Forest pattern and we’re going to make a cushion cover with it.  We have just 2 weeks until Bethan leaves school, so this needs to be a priority. UntitledWe’re also going to make some 2 in 1 pouches for the teaching assistants that have worked in Bethan’s class this year; these are the fabric and zip selections that Bethan made:UntitledUntitledI made a skirt for Bethan a couple of weeks ago and as a result Leah has asked for one too. I’ve washed and ironed the fabric she chose from stash: UntitledBethan has her eye on a cardigan I made for myself (yet to be blogged) but it’s mine and obviously not the right size but I did find a similar pattern, so it’s already to go: Untitled

I just need to decide whether she can have the red knit or green and white stripe!

More teacher gifts; I’d like to turn these into open wide zip pouches ready for September (end of next term would be great but I’m being realistic):

UntitledAnd this one: Untitled

These are cut and ready to sew into Pixie Baskets as gifts for the teaching assistants:


Last but not least in fact it’s already overdue, a pair of pyjamas for my niece, her mum requested some for her birthday so I’ve got this washed and ready:

UntitledI’ll be using the Goodnight Sweetheart pj pattern from Sewing For Boys, I’ve made them at least 3 times before. So that’s my list, hopefully I can tick some off before too long! Linking up with:

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3 Replies to “Hoping for a productive summer – 3rd quarter FAL

  1. Lots there to keep you out of mischief Mary – well spotted Helen and you know which project I’m keen for you to finish! ; D

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