Talented local craftsperson!

4 Jul

Yesterday was the Exeter College event, the day started with me feeling exhausted as I had had a few disturbed nights with the children and already had a headache!  We got set up and ready in 30 mins and waited for the hoards to arrive…they didn’t.  Fortunately my expectations weren’t high but at one point I did think I might not sell anything, it wasn’t a busy day but I put it down to experience and look forward to the next one on Thursday!  The event was well organised and the programme included this ‘ Talented local craftsperson Mary Emmens is here to sell some of her beautiful creations’ so that was great to see in print!.  As I have sold some items over the last month I have purchased a few metres of fabric which I’ll show when they arrive in the post.  In my shopping online this evening I’ve found a few new (to me) fabric shops which was very exciting so I’ll try and find time this week to post a list of the shops I regularly browse so you can enjoy too!

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