I’ve learnt to knit…

3 Sep

sort of! I took the children up to visit my mum last week and the first thing that B said was ‘Grandma will you teach me how to knit?’.  There wasn’t much hesitation on Grandma’s part so off we went.  B is now convinced she can knit and brought her needles and couple of inches of knitting home to show her daddy – very proud, she’ going to make a scarf for her dolly.  I now just need to find some quiet time where I can concentrate on helping her!  I also had a go, apparently mum showed me how a number of years ago but I couldn’t remember how to cast on even, but after a while Grandma took the girls off down the garden fruit picking and I got the hang of it, I just have no idea what to do when it goes wrong except put it down for another day!  I’m sort of hoping I don’t get too much of the hang of it – I already have too many projects on the go!

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