Advent Calendar

3 Oct

I’d wanted to make an advent calendar for my children for a number of years and always thought about it far too late.  But last year in November I got organised despite having a tiny baby!  It’s made of felt and I cut pockets out of felt and used scraps of mainly Amy Butler fabric for the letters which I bond-a-webbed onto the pockets, it was fun and if I ever make another one I’ll do a tutorial, but it is simple to make up as you go.  I’m planning that this will last for many years to come!  The pockets are quite small and I was worried about putting chocolate/sweets in as the girls would be unable to resist, they were actually quite good.  We put in little bits of paper with a message on, what we were going to do that day e.g. carol singing, wrapping presents, decorating the cake etc.  We also put in names of people who we would pray for that day, some days had chocolate coins in but not all, maybe I’m tight but I think it’s important that they learn it’s not all about chocolate!

It’s been hanging up in our bedroom for a while waiting to be photographed for this post, our 3 yr old got very excited and wanted to check the pockets, not believing that they would be empty!

So if it inspires you, get on with it, it’s only the beginning of October, you have approx 9 weeks until the beginning of Advent.  If you have any questions about the construction feel free to ask and I’ll see what I can do to help.

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