Christmas is coming

28 Nov

I thought I ought to write a post even though I am feeling exhausted and full of cold.   I had a stall yesterday at a school Christmas fayre, let me just say it was a long day and I have plenty of stock left for the next event.  Which, looking at it positively means that I can relax and put my feet up work on the commission I have and think about what I’m going to make the family for Christmas!

Ah the commission…it’s an adventure, just so smart, I’ve had email correspondence from someone who has seen what someone else has got and wants one for themselves!  So I’m working on it, it won’t be the same as the one he coveted, oh no, it will be custom made and bespoke.  So I’m fiddling around with bits of fabric trying to get the sizing right and then need to make sure it functions correctly, I don’t have the items that he’ll be using to put in it but a bunch of lipsticks seem to be about the right size!  Intrigued? Then watch this space.  I am loving it, although I did find it slightly worrying when my middle child asked ‘why are you so happy mummy?’ when I was reading one of the emails!  ‘Well my gorgeous girl, someone wants me to make them something and that makes me happy’!  I didn’t tell her that I lie in bed at night thinking about it too!  I think the thought of this commission kept me going through the slow day that was yesterday.  I hope to have some photo’s to show you soon of the finished item.

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