Exclusive Royal Wedding picture

29 Apr

Ok, so maybe not what you were expecting, but it is exclusive, one of a kind!

My children knew nothing about there being a Royal wedding until they went back to school this week, since then they have been ‘brainwashed’.  One of the things that Bethan came home with was this decorated plate to commemorate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton.  There was I thinking that we were just having an extra bank holiday and maybe a chance for me to get some sewing done.  But oh no, the girls really wanted to watch it, at only 3 years old (ok not too long till she’s 4) she sat there and said ‘I’m so happy that I’ve got tears in my eyes’!  Not sure what to say about that except ‘what a cutie’!  She now wants to invite Kate to her 4th birthday party – do you think she’ll come?

Hope you had a great day, Royal wedding celebrations or not.

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2 Replies to “Exclusive Royal Wedding picture

  1. Ah, how cute. My two also didn’t know anything about it, but had a royal tea party on thursday at school and Libby kept asking me on wednesday, ‘who’s the boy?’ ‘which boy’ I asked, ‘the boy with kate’. ‘ do you mean william’ ‘yes he’s the prince charming isn’t he mummy’ . . . So I too sat and watched it all with Libby asking so many questions. . . . But really enjoyed it. Love the plate.

    • Thanks Julia, think it’s one of the pieces of artwork that I will keep – it’s pretty special.

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