KCWC – day 5 Big Butt Baby pants!

13 May

I didn’t sleep well last night but I do feel better today than I did yesterday so that has got to be a good thing.  On Friday’s my youngest 2 are at home and we almost always go to Milkshake (our toddler group) that generally means that they’ve had a good dose of fun – so much so that Mathias normally has to go for a sleep halfway through!  By the time we get home and have lunch we have a couple of hours before we have to go out again to school.  So they were content to play and I had a chance to press and sew the waistbands AND insert the elastic!

I tried one pair of trousers on Mathias (ironically he was wearing a disposable nappy as we were waiting for the washables to dry) and discovered that the pockets that I had placed on the sides were more on his knees as knee patches than pockets, so the task of removing those started!  One removed and stitched on in what I hoped was a more suitable place and tried on the boy!  Yay much better but difficult to tell with such a skinny bottom – he and his papa had fun putting things in the pockets, I can see them being ripped off if he’s not careful!  Shoving things in that really don’t fit!

This evening I’ve removed the other 3 pockets and stitched them back on in the ‘right’ place and hemmed the bottom of the legs…

I asked Tobi to take some photo’s and he looked out of the window and said there was a really interesting light outside so off he went…

Front of the first pair, one pocket looks higher than the other, I’m positive that’s because of the way they are hanging!

I really, really like this pair, the fabric is from the All Star range by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake.

This next photo is a shot especially for those of you who have had a go at this pattern and had problems (like me) with puckering around the big butt patch!  Rae wrote a post on how to deal with the trickiness and it works for me!  Look no pucker!

For this next pair I wanted to use some of the collection of Wheels fabric by My Minds Eye for Riley Blake, but only have fat quarters so not enough for a pair of pants, also I didn’t want to buy any more fabric for this so I used some cotton sheeting (that I just happened to have) for the main fabric.

So pockets with road signs on:

And a butt with vehicles driving across!

They are pretty light and I’m hoping will be great for the summer!

There ends day 5 of Kids Clothing Week Challenge and I feel like I’ve been challenged!  I was going to say that I have completed my list but I’ve just checked it and I see on it that I wrote that I would appliqué the girls a t-shirt each, both have been started but not finished so I’ll see what time I can find over the weekend!

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