KCWC – day 7

15 May

The last day of Kids Clothing Week Challenge what a relief, but what a challenge and inspiration it has been!  Thanks very much to Meg at Elsie Marley for her organisation and inspiration.

So today I’ve not done a lot, Tobi found time to take some photo’s, even better was the fact that we had a compliant child willing to be dressed in Big Butt Baby Pants!  And yes he is wearing washable nappies this time!

I think I got the length just about right and the hems are quite deep so I’m anticipating them doing for next summer too!  By which time I hope he will be out of nappies altogether and have a cute little butt to put in them!

A photo to show how big that butt is!  Good job I reinforced the seam around the bottom!

And a bit of a stretch, he also had great fun with the pockets, a hairbrush and spoon went into them so maybe not such a crazy idea!

A close-up of the bicycle appliqué from yesterday:

So onto today’s sewing, I’d started a t-shirt appliqué for Bethan a few weeks ago, it was all in place just needed stitching, so I got on and did that this afternoon while they went out to the park.  She had requested a dog and wanted it to be the same as the ones I did back here, so now there are three girls of varying sizes all with the same applique on their t-shirts!  But, each t-shirt is a different colour so not to much for me to cope with!

That’s it KCWC is over!  That is me done – well for tonight anyway!  I’ve bought a dress pattern off Etsy today so I can make Bethan a summer dress.  She has grown out of her favourite one that I bought 2 summers ago and has nothing that fits her for this year, I’ve got plenty of fabric but whether she’ll choose any of it is a different matter – we may have to go fabric shopping!

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