26 May

Wow, thank you all so much for your lovely comments on the Sew, Mama, Sew giveaway, it was great to read them all and reply to most of them (time and energy faded near the end!).  I’d love to send you all something however that would bankrupt me, but it has been lots of fun so I’ll definitely be giving away again.

Giveaways are funny things because you never really expect to win but someone has to.  I seem to be a perfect example of that, here are the things that I’ve won in the last 2 weeks!

First of all from the ever useful and interesting Sewing Directory and courtesy of Korbond a fantastic stash of sewing goodies:

Pins, needles, pinking shears, scissors, chalk, bobbins and more, most of these things I already have, so, aside from the thread and the machine cleaning tools I’ve given them all to my good friend Rachael who has just been bitten by the sewing bug and is about to get her first machine (which Tobi and I spotted in the charity shop at the weekend).  I guess I knew they’d be put to good use and even though the scissors feel amazing, I already have one pair and she’s been using her kitchen scissors to cut fabric with so; off they go to a good home!

Next was a bundle of fat quarters from Karen at Lisnaweary Quilts.  Karen creates beautiful quilts and shares the making of them too.  Her blog is a real inspiration.

Then some more fabric, a line I’ve seen around an awful lot, I nearly bought a bundle but then didn’t, thinking ‘do I just want it because it is popular and sought after? (and will my bank account cope!) or is it because I really like it?’.  If you live in the fabric world you can probably guess which line it it, if you don’t you won’t have a clue!

Anyway, how was I to know that I’d win a bundle of 10 fat quarters of Aneela Hoy’s Sherbet Pips from Sew Me Happy celebrating their new blog?  Pop on over and browse their online store for some amazing fabric, patterns and accessories.  I had an email from Sarah on Tuesday telling me I’d won and the parcel arrived the very next day, so if you want great customer service and speedy delivery I highly recommend them!

So there you go, someone has to win.

Oh I’ve not finished yet!  I also felt like a winner yesterday afternoon when I scored this in the charity shop after the school run:

How smart?  It’s a duvet cover, not full size but I’d say too big for a cot, anyway I was delighted, the aforementioned Rachael was with me and she said ‘but it wasn’t there yesterday!’.  Surely a lesson in/excuse for browsing charity shops every day!

OK I think I hear you shouting ‘cut the waffle, where are the winners?’.

First of all for the bundle of scraps and ribbons:

Cindy who wrote: ‘This is my first time on your site, but I will absolutely be back! I really like what you have created here. As for the giveaway, I would be thrilled (if I was so lucky) to receive either the tea cosy as it’s adorable or the scrap bundle. I am working on a scrappy Community Quilt and that bundle would be perfect for the project. You can have a look over at if you’re interested’

So go on over and see what she’s up to!

A machine appliquéd tea cosy will be speeding it’s way to:

Cynthia who wrote: ‘Tough choice! I love the tea cozies; what a useful item.’

And the last giveaway prize is a gorgeous Slouch Hobo style bag going to…

Fiona who wrote: ‘I would love to win the bag, I really need a new bag and it needs to be spacious to lug all my toddler’s stuff around with me so those bags look ideal.’

That last one is a amazing one, because I’ve just checked her email address and realised that it is Fiona at The Sewing Directoy, yes, as mentioned above!  Completely random – just how I like it!

I’ve emailed all you winners, Cynthia and Fiona you need to let me know which cosy/bag you would like and then they will be on the way to you.

Thanks everyone for joining in, I hope you had fun blog hopping and maybe you’ll win elsewhere!

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2 Replies to “Winners!

  1. It has been fun discovering new blogs, and yes, I have been lucky enough to win elsewhere! I am certainly glad to have found your blog, and will be following what you write in future. And congratulations to the winners!

    Pomona x

  2. Congratulations to the winners!
    I too have enjoyed discovering new blogs even though I wasn’t lucky enough to win anything!

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