Progress and a winner

20 Nov

Thanks for all your suggestions in response to my request for help yesterday.  This is where I’d got to earlier this afternoon.  I’m actually typing this one handed as I wait for glue to go tacky!


So yes I did listen to your suggestions and then added my own bit of inspiration, amazing what happens when you ask others.

And now we have a winner for the giveaway I hosted as part of the UR Priceless blog hop.

There were a 137 comments left on the post and somehow or other 6 more left on the wrong post, so being the kind person that I am I added these to the total.  Who cares I hear you cry ‘who won?’  Comment 131 was:


So Jan please send me your choice of purse and address and I’ll see if I can find some chocolate coins too!

Thanks everyone for joining in and I’ll be holding another giveaway on my birthday (3rd December) which Sew Mama Sew have declared (possibly not in my honour) to be Giveaway Day.

Come back tomorrow for my day in the Holiday Lane Pillow blog hop.


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4 Replies to “Progress and a winner

  1. Ah, thought you must have pinned that star tute for a reason! It is gorgeous, I’m obsessed by lizzy house at the moment, shame because I only have one colour of it!
    And of course it’s in your honour, dur! X

  2. Lovely! Thought you’d like to know that Jane Brocket’s got a picture of fabric scraps from her on-the-go quilt on her blog at the moment. I noticed that she has a graphic floral print that I’ve just bought, but then I saw what I think must be your large circle fabric! Spooky. Must be something indigo in the air.

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