Geese, flying everywhere

26 Jan

I started the month with this:

Tule by Leah Duncan for AGF

and 4.5 metres of Kona Snow with the goal to complete all the cutting for a quilt top.

My sewing space now contains this pile of flying geese, all trimmed, approximately 70 large and 224 small:


This pile awaiting trimming;


I’m hoping that this is the last lot that need stitching:


And a test block I made to make sure my plan was going to work!


So, yes I met my goal for the month, I won’t say it was tedious and boring but it’s been a struggle, more on that another day!

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15 Replies to “Geese, flying everywhere

  1. Just learning how to do geese so really in awe of the huge pile you’ve got there.
    I’m looking forward to seeing the whole top. Just love the fabric choice too. As a Newbie I am finding that quite a difficult part of the whole thing but I’m learning all the time

  2. I haven’t made any flying geese yet. Yours are beautiful, a great inspiration. I love the fabrics too. I’ve been in a bit of a sewing funk (caused by an hour with a malfunctioning machine, a screwdriver and me) – you know how a set-back can just grind you to a halt? Perhaps I’ll go and turn it back on again now, and see if I can achieve even half the perfection that you have?!

  3. That’s a lot of chopping! I used to cut as I went but having done all the chopping before for a few quilts it definitely makes the patchworking more fun, despite being tedious at the time! Love the Tule range, it’s going to look so gorgeous!

  4. More fabric on the way: I posted my sheets for the swap yesterday. They should take a little over a week to reach you. Swapping totally doesn’t count as buying, does it? 🙂 JJ

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