A review of January (and December!)

3 Feb

There was obviously too much going on at the start of the year for me to find time to review December, I got as far as looking at photo’s but that was it. So I made a couple of infinity scarves (photo’s 1 and 6) one for me and one for my (almost) sister in law.

Infinity Scarf for me - voile and velveteen

Mine is voile and velveteen (swapped with the lovely Jan – thanks) and the other was flannel and voile, all Anna Maria Horner prints:

Voile/flannel infinity scarf

A pair of oven gloves for me – yes I know how to treat myself, seriously though the old pair were rather past it and it is a simple pleasure to have such a fancy new pair!  I used Adrienne’s tutorial and it worked a treat.

Oven gloves

I used denim for the ‘dirty’ side and it’s great, nice and hardwearing, all I want now is another pair for when these are in the wash!

I made a string block cushion cover for my niece using Molli Sparkles String Piecing Without a Foundation tutorial:

String Block cushion cover

For my youngest niece I made a memory game and bag to keep all the pieces in:

Memory game and bag

January looked a bit like this:

Made in January

Economy blocks, lots of work on the wedding quilt, mini art folios for birthday gifts, lone star cushion, paper pieced shirts and a bee block.

However my favourite piece of sewing was not my own but I am still quite proud:


My eldest daughter has been wanting to sew and at last I have been feeling well enough to let her get on with it, so the other weekend she picked fabric scraps, stitched them together, quilted them and turned the panels in to a pencil case for herself:


I helped her with the zip but other than that she pretty much got on and did herself. We’d welcome suggestions for other projects she can tackle next.

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8 Replies to “A review of January (and December!)

  1. How old is your daughter, Mary? I was about 12 or 13 when I made my first ‘straight’ skirt (at school), which is very simple, or perhaps a pair of PJ bottoms, I goes it depends what her style is. I remember making a patchwork cushion by myself at around her age. She clearly has a good eye for it and a great teacher on hand! Love all your makes too especially the game and scarves xxx

  2. I love the memory game idea – what a cute gift 🙂 And all the makes are fabulous too 🙂

  3. What brilliant makes!! I love the memory game and those scarfs are perfect! I think everyone needs a pair of those oven gloves!

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