ALYoF – May complete

28 May

At the beginning of the month I set out a goal to make a vintage sheet quilt top.  At that point I really wasn’t sure what I was going to do but after looking through my stash of vintage sheets it became obvious.  I had a stack of strings:

stack of strings

And a huge bag full of more offcuts:

bag of strings

Oh and there was a whole drawer full too! So I decided that the most efficient and economical thing to do would be to make a string quilt.

So within a week I had blocks that looked like this:

Vintage Sheet string blocks

Another week on and there were more (all blocks are paper pieced):

Vintage Sheet String Blocks (paper pieced)

At which point I had to decide how big to make the top and how many more blocks I needed.  I decided on a layout of 7 x 6 blocks (total 42).

Vintage sheet string quilt top

An attempt to take a photo of the finished top in the garden, it was a bit blustery and there is a large stack of bricks preventing a smooth drop:

Vintage sheet string quilt top

I’m not sure what the pirate was up to, maybe he was in awe of the beauty he saw!  But anyway the top is finished which was my aim so I’m rather delighted.  It was great to sew together, I randomly pulled strips, there was no planning of any of the blocks and minimal planning to the layout.

I’ve put some packs of strips for sale in my etsy shop so you can make your own, the listing suggests a minimum of 21 different prints in each pack but I think there must be 40 in this quilt top (I used approximately 1 1/2 packs to make this top).

Vintage sheet string quilt top

So another goal complete and there appears to be no less fabric in my stack of vintage sheet offcuts!  Now there is the small matter of basting, quilting and binding!

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8 Replies to “ALYoF – May complete

  1. It’s gorgeous Mary! I still have tons of vintage left evevn after making all those blocks for my mums quilt.

  2. Oh well done, you’ve done so much this month to get this far! Strings and squares are my favourite, most relaxing things to sew. It looks great!

  3. this is gorgeous! I’ve always been reluctant to do vintage sheet quilts with anything other than squares so I get the beauty of the whole pattern but these look fab even though you can’t see a big chunk of any design!

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