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9 Jun

Way back in August 2010 I had a 10 month old little boy wearing cloth nappies, I was struggling to find trousers to fit him and then the amazing Rae released a pattern ‘Big Butt Baby Pants’ (BBBP).

Over time I made a few pairs of these, they were brilliant; this pair is my most viewed photo on flickr ever:

Big Butt Baby Pants - All Star back

Needless to say the boy grew and the trousers no longer fitted, but I passed them on to my sister-in-law who has a cloth nappy wearing boy, he was last seen wearing a pair that Mathias used to wear, they’ve also been struggling to find trousers to fit (it’s simpler with a girl; just put them in a dress or skirt!).

Big Butt Baby Pants -detail

So with my nephew about to turn one I decided that a most useful gift would probably be a couple of pairs of BBBP (he has 2 big sisters so probably not lacking in the toy department).  I pulled out the pattern and realised that I didn’t have much choice by way of fabric as the pattern require approximately 3/4 yard for the size I was going to make.

Big Butt Baby Pants

I found some Riley Blake Superstar print that I’d bought for binding a quilt and had just enough of that left and also some Denyse Schmidt fabrics from Quilts Collection.

I cut the patten pieces out at the beginning of April and they sat in my WIP pile for a while.  When I got around to tackling them I was delighted to be reminded of how straight forward they are to make as long as you follow Rae’s tutorial on how to deal with getting the crotch straight/not puckered.  I think I pretty much nailed it on these:

Big Butt Baby Pants - no pucker

Knowing how hard babies and toddlers can be on their clothes, I reinforced all the seams as I went, using the triple strength stitch and topstitching the rear panel.

Big Butt Baby Pants - details

I’m ashamed to say that I can’t remember what size these are! I cut them out and thought I would remember, but they are either a 12-18 months or 18-24 months. I have both size patterns so it is one or the other. I believe my nephew is big for his age so hopefully they will fit him which ever size they are!

Big Butt Baby Pants

It’s been great to revisit an old pattern that I’ll never use again for my own children and this is another item ticked off my 2nd quarter Finish-Along list!

(And yes it is tricky trying to think up a blog post title that doesn’t attract a different sort of readership!)

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2 Replies to “Not a rude title

  1. They are brilliant. I love a practical gift for children, they have so many toys!!
    I dread to think of the spam you would have had with a different title!!

  2. Well done on choosing a non-spam attracting title! The trousers are great and I bet they’ll get lots of wear!

    *Visiting as a member of the official 2015 Finish-Along cheerleading squad*

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