Birthday cakes

7 Jun

Leah is just about to reach her 3rd birthday, we celebrated it with friends and family on Saturday in the garden.  I have vague memories of birthday cakes as a child and am now amazed at the fantastic creations you come across just by typing the words ‘birthday cake’ into a search engine.  A few weeks ago I asked Leah what she would like for her birthday and she said “a cow” when pressed on what she meant it turned out that she meant a cow cake.  I asked her again a while later and the answer was the same so I baked a cake, froze it and then this week, Tobi ‘carved’ it and I decorated it and this is the result

Did that make it sound really easy? It isn’t, but the more you do the easier it gets.  We (I say we as Tobi often plays a big part in the design and decorating especially for Bethan’s last birthday when I had to attend to a screaming 4 week old baby!) are self taught with a few hints and tips from a book – Peggy Porschen’s Pretty Party Cakes: Sweet and Stylish Cookies and Cakes for All Occasions.  Ms Porschen’s work is amazing, look here to be wowed!

We forgot to take any pictures of the cake when it was cut – it was a sponge sandwich and to continue the fresian effect one sponge was chocolate and the other was plain!

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