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19 Aug

I believe there is an unwritten rule in sewing ‘measure twice, cut once’.  When I was making Tobi’s laptop case earlier this week I obviously applied this rule, however after cutting the fabric I lay in bed thinking that I had cut the interior/lining fabric the same length as the exterior when actually it should be 5 inches shorter.  When I checked the next day indeed I had, but at least it wasn’t too short!  I cut it to the correct length and put the excess aside slightly annoyed with myself but thinking I could probably find a use for it.

I then remembered that Tobi had also requested a case for his new work mobile phone to keep it from getting bashed around in his bag (with all the other gadgets).  So after finishing the laptop case I fiddled around with the fabric excess from the lining and came up with this!

I had quilted the lining of the laptop case with a wadding to add some bulk and protection to the laptop so it’s now doing a similar job with his phone, with a simple velcro tab to keep it secure.

So, the lesson is stick to the rules, but if you forget – improvise!

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