Fabric Scraps

21 Aug

I’ve received a commission which meant I needed some small pieces of grey fabric, in my extensive fabric collection I could only find one little piece 2″ by 3″, definitely not enough.  So we had a family outing to Saints and Pinners, I came away with some fat quarters from Tanya Whelan’s Dolce collection which are gorgeous.  But I also had a look at the Metre Scrap Rolls that they sell and bought a blue and a red one.  I couldn’t wait till we got home so opened them up in the car and drooled over them!  A fantastic selection and a wonderful way to get a little bit of fabrics you like without buying hundreds of fat quarters!

As you can see there is a real variety, some of them are hardly scraps (that’s coming from me who saves anything bigger than a centimetre square) and big enough for little projects like purses and brooches. My big girl and I had great fun sorting through them and playing a matching game!

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