A year older and taller?

7 Nov

My gorgeous eldest daughter is 6 tomorrow, (I can’t quite believe it and then realise that I’m getting old and sound it) so yesterday we celebrated with a party at home with friends from school. Seven 5-6 yr olds and our younger 2 had a great time.  It’s the first proper party we’ve done and it went really well and all I can say really is the answer is to plan!  As usual Tobi and I had a great time planning and making the birthday cake, 2 sandwich cakes went to this:

then eventually this:

It was what she had requested and she was not disappointed!  Even better the cake tastes fantastic!

I’ve made her some bunting with her name on in her fabric of choice and tonight I have made her a belt which is possibly the quickest thing I’ve ever made and it looks great.  Photo’s of those to follow.  We’ve said we will measure her tomorrow, I think she is convinced she will be visibly taller (I know I thought that when I was a similar age) I hope she won’t be too disappointed.

STOP PRESS: We’ve spotted hats on Innocent smoothies in Sainsbury’s, so go and buy one and make winter warmer for older people.

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