Time for tea

26 Feb

Is there a time when the offer of tea is refused?  Rarely in this house which is not what I thought would happen to begin with.  When Tobi and I first got together he didn’t really drink tea however it didn’t take long for him to like it.  Now almost every morning he brings me tea in bed (he is a great husband!) and the girls ‘apple tea’ (apple juice with a dash of water from the kettle!).  I do like a good cup mug of tea, whenever someone asks how do I take it I always have that thought in my head ‘normal’ but what’s normal for one is not normal for another.

Anyway a few weeks ago I shared some appliqué work I had done on my new sewing machine and mentioned that the piece of work might become a tea cosy so now that my electric machine is back I have made this:

I love it! It’s lined (you can see the lining fabric peeping out at the bottom – it’s supposed to!) and I’ve added in a layer in-between of thermal interlining which helps to keep the tea hot rather than just cosy (not sure the name tea hotty would work so well!).  It looks great but I might just be persuaded to give it away.  Fancy a cuppa?  Like I mentioned above I prefer a mug, something to wrap my hands around and warm them up (especially when I’m sat sewing and freezing!).

Another project I’ve completed but not got round to writing about is something I’ve wanted to get on with for ages, just for the fun of it really!  Over the Christmas holidays I had withdrawal symptoms so came up with a mini project, using up scraps and not taking much time.  They are related to tea cosys but I was not organised enough to plan and make the tea cosy to match!

Quilted coasters, not sure we’ll use them but I love the look and feel!  The fabric is from one of Amy Butlers early ranges Charm (Chelsea Rose I think) and I bought it to make bags for the girls, I ended up with quite a bit left so have enjoyed using it in other projects.

Other news this week, I completed some pencil rolls ready for a sale I’m having a stall at in a couple of weeks and Tobi took photographs and put them up on flickr.  One of the photos of the rocket pencil roll has been featured on Rae’s blog as part of Celebrate the Boy, I am so pleased!  If you’ve not checked out the boy stuff I thoroughly recommend it, it is awesome, enough ideas to keep me busy for weeks.

As I finish writing this in comes Tobi ‘would you like a cup of tea?’.  The answer is…

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One Reply to “Time for tea”

  1. Beautiful work, I think the name should be changed to tea hottie immediately! Sadly I don’t own a teapot (I know!) but if I did then I suspect this would do the job brilliantly. By the way, let Tobi know that mine’s white without. x

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