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10 Oct

I meant to mention this weeks ago and completely forgot, I came across a wonderful blog Michele Made Me which was dedicating a month to recycling denim!

The month is over but that’s the beauty of blogs you can still go and read what you missed.  You’ll find some great guest posts, tutorials, Michele’s review on making denim shoes (I was quite excited about the idea until I read the post and realised it might not be that simple, but I’ve bookmarked the pattern for one day…).  Michele was even kind enough to feature one of my soft books here.

It’s certainly inspired me to get that bag of denim back out of the loft, I’ve got some new ideas for soft books for babies that I want to try out and would like to get them ready for the fairs I’m booked to do before Christmas.  These books won’t be personalised (unless requested) but will be quite lovely – well they are in my head at the moment so I have every reason to believe they will turn out well!

So yesterday afternoon I pulled a pair of old jeans out of the cupboard and cut out some pieces for pages of the new book.  To get maximum use out of one pair especially when they have oil spots on I removed the back pockets to reveal a different darker shade of blue!  It got me thinking about what to do with all the scraps – I can’t through any bits away.  I was also thinking about other things I need to make for the Christmas fairs I’ve booked to do and thought that I could use the denim to make one of my fabric flower brooches.

Tobit decided to take the children out to the park as Bethan was keen to practise her roller blading and they also wanted to try out the basketball they bought Mathias for his birthday so I was left in peace and quiet.  It is amazing what can happen when I’m left to get on.  It might have something to do with the fact that I also resisted the temptation to get the laptop out and check email, google reader etc which all takes up precious sewing time.

By the time they arrived back from the park (less than an hour) I had come up with this:

So thanks Michele and all her guest bloggers for a great month and for reinspiring my love for denim!

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