My new sewing space

14 Nov

Do any of us ever have enough space for our chosen craft?  Or have you ‘stuff’ stashed all round your home and spilling out of cupboards?

Last year we had some floor to ceiling cupboards built in to the alcoves in our dining room.  They are fantastic, one is home for crockery, cutlery, glassware and various other things that won’t fit in the kitchen cupboards.  The other cupboard houses sewing kit, boxes of scraps, interfacing, go! baby fabric cutter, self healing mat, books and one shelf of household paperwork.  I sew at the dining room table, sometimes I clear everything away into the cupboard but at the moment my machine sits on the table along with my sewing box (and a pile of WIP).

On Saturday evening I decided I would go to the car boot in the morning, especially as Karen of The White Approach had written on facebok last weekend about the lady selling fabric and trimmings that I had missed by not going.  So I was up early, well it wasn’t really early as at least 2 children were already up and about but I was out of the house by 7:30am.  There are a couple of stalls that I normally head for, one of which doesn’t start selling until 8:00am so I had a bit of time to wander round and in my wanderings I found a sewing cupboard.

I’ve looked at them before online and in our local sewing machine shop but there is no way that I could justify the spend of the RRP £3490 for a cupboard for my sewing machine.  This however was for sale for the grand price of £12!  I couldn’t quite believe it, it’s an old version of the Horn Cub Plus.  It doesn’t have an air lifter to lift the machine up, but it has a lever which does the same job.  The door features are also different but I really don’t care for £12.

Oh and it’s not really my choice of finish either, but I’m not really that fussy:

Horn sewing cupboard

You can see the platform for the sewing machine lowered here on the right:

Horn sewing cupboard

and then raised for sewing here:

Horn sewing cupboard

I think I could probably get an insert specific to my machine so that I could use it for flat bed sewing as well as free arm, but to be honest it’s not really a priority and I’m sure it will work fine as it is.

Horn sewing cupboard

So I got back from the car boot and put an advert on Loot for this wonderful piece of furniture:


It is really amazing but we don’t have the room for it and don’t use it to it’s full potential so would love it to go to a new home! It’s probably Danish circa 1940’s and in good used condition. Look what’s inside when you open those doors:

fully open

So hopefully I can sell this and have more space for my new cupboard! Have you found any bargains recently?

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3 Replies to “My new sewing space

  1. I love both items, that cupboard you’re getting rid of would be amazing, if I had the space. I really need to do something about a permanent craft space, I have all my crafty bits crammed into my bureau in my bedroom and my sewing machine and material is also in my dining room (don’t sew enough as the dining table is in constant use), oh and there’s my wool stash under my bed…

    Seriously considering doing something with the loft as we had the water tank removed years ago so it’s space going begging, it’s just so cold and dusty up there but it would mean major upheaval to do anything drastic to it.

  2. Thanks for the mention lovely and wow ! what can I say, no wonder Nigel kept quiet about that when he saw it. Wonderful and what a bargain!

    Now, can I fit the “loot cupboard ” in my house …..

  3. What a bargain!! I’m sure with some sandpaper and little paint the outside could be transformed! I had vague plans about heading there this weekend, but sleep won over 🙂

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