Sew Mama Sew! Giveaway – Bag (closed)

12 Dec

Hello and welcome to all you Sew Mama Sew readers looking for my giveaway.  I’m Mary, I live in the UK and I sew, a lot!  I’d be delighted if you stayed a while and had a look round my blog, if you look here there is a great Christmas tutorial you might want to have a go at (this year or next!)

If you want to see more browse this blog and view my flickr stream.

Part way through this year I began to find lots of vintage sheets and have started to sew with them.  So I’m going to giveaway one of the bags made using the fabric I’ve been collecting.  The bag is made from Ali Foster’s slouch hobo style pattern, it has an internal patch pocket, magnetic snap closure and clasp for your keys.  I have also modified the pattern to include an adjustable strap so you can wear it on your shoulder or across your body because that is what I want from a bag!

Slouch bag in vintage fabrics

If you’re in the UK you may well recognise some of these fabrics,  I’ve had a number of comments from people saying that they remember having them on their bed as a child!  For some of them it has been a real flashback moment!

So what do you need to do to win?  Not much, just comment on this post telling me what you’ll be using the bag for and/or what sheets you had on your bed as a child (if you can remember!).

For an extra entry ‘like’ my facebook page or subscribe via email (that box over there on the top at the right) and leave another comment here telling me you’ve done so.

Please ensure that I have a way to contact you if you win. The giveaway closes on December 16th 17:00 PST (01:00 Dec 17th UK time).  The winner will be drawn using Random Number Generator and emailed and announced here by December 18th.  I will ship internationally but can’t promise it will be with you before Christmas!

I’m also giving away Vintage sheet fat quarters here.

Don’t forget to visit Sew Mama Sew! for the list of other participating blogs and have fun.

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104 Replies to “Sew Mama Sew! Giveaway – Bag (closed)

  1. I love this bag! I would use as an everyday carry-all. My favorite sheets growing up were my Strawberry shortcake sheets!

  2. I looove this bag. I would use it every day! I had some floral sheets as a kid, they had been washed a million times and were so soft…keep trying to find as soft sheets even now! 🙂

  3. I can see using this bag to store knitting projects and maybe go to the farmers market. My favorite sheets as a kid were flannel with farm animals on them. I loved the pigs!

  4. I LOVE a slouchy shoulder bag, and yours is just darling! I, too, had Strawberry Shortcake sheets as a child. What are the chances? I haven’t thought about them in years.

    Thanks for the fun entry, and enjoy this week’s visitors to your blog!

  5. I remember very well what my sheets were – pale pink with tiny white polka dots. My entire bedroom was this pattern, sheets, bedskirt, bedspread, curtains, everything. My mom always hoped I’d be a girly girl. 🙂

  6. I had a green one and a fitting sleepsuit.. but i cannot remember the exact design. I always need a big bag for the whole stuff of my two little daughters. Something to play, to eat, diapers, etc…

    Thank you for the chance to win !

  7. Thanks for the chance to win this bag – I love it! I would use it to carry my art journal and supplies, whichever book I’m currently reading and to hold whatever little treasures I may find in my wanderings. And hooray for the adjustable strap! With my fibro, I can’t carry things weighing on my shoulders and for that reason have stopped using purses 🙂 Carrying one across my body would be perfect!

  8. I remember very flowery sheets as a child. I seem to remember them as big aqua colored ones.

  9. I’d use it for everything! I love a bag to just run out to the store or anything! 🙂 very cute bag, great giveaway.

  10. I would use the bag to take my diary, leaflets and instruction sheets to the craft group that I run.

  11. Lovely bag! I think I would use it for knitting projects or anything I’d need to keep hidden from my little lovelies. Thanks for the giveaway!

  12. I had white sheets with little yellow daisies on them.

    abigail.lee {at}

  13. I remeber having brown floral ones and also had pink ones of the same pattern

  14. I’d use this bag for library visits and snacks on road trips – it’s beautiful!

  15. I would use this bag to put my current projects in. It would be perfect to carry with me so that I could work on it wherever I am! I love the vintage sheets!

  16. I’d use the bag for a day of errands, when I have to pick up small things here and there!

    My sheets when I was a kid? blue with some kind of print? There were too many of us and too many different sheets hanging around, literally, my mom even made curtains with them!

    thanks for the great giveaway, love the way you can change the length of the strap…

  17. I had sheets with bears sitting on moons, fishing for stars that glowed in the dark! I have since turned the flat sheet (although the “glow” is long gone) into a quilt backing on my first quilt!

  18. cool bag, especially for me – busy mom:) good for all this kids stuff…

  19. Hi Mary, Love the bag. I have just started to learn crochet, so I think I would probably use it to take to my classes. I made myself a crochet roll and I think it would be lovely to be able to carry it and the patterns in your bag.

    As a child, I can remember lovely flannette sheets that were toasty in winter and can also remember canlewick bedspreads!! (mind you I am the wrong side of 40). xx

  20. I might just give it to a friend of mine as the strap is so fabulously adjustable (my friend is rather small and I always have to “shorten” the straps for here)
    I remember a dark blue flannel with tiny green spirals

  21. I would use this to organize my latest fiber project – perfect for the job!! I had Charlie Brown/Peanuts sheets on my bed. Thanks for the great opportunity!

  22. What a great bag! Thanks for a chance to win. I had my-little-pony sheets on my bed, those were not really vintage sheets.

  23. I would use the bag for bringing along books for my daughters to read!

  24. Hi Mary
    Great bag (thanks for the link to Ali Foster – I’ve not heard of her before!)
    As children we had flannelette candy stripe sheets – I remember them well!

  25. I would use it for all the stuff I have to tote around on my errands everyday!
    I remember having yellow sheets with little flowers on them as a child. Sometimes I see fabric that reminds me of them.

  26. Hello thank you first for this giveaway^^ I would like to enter, so please enter me^^.
    As I’m not from UK I never saw this fabric before but I love it^^ If I’ll win I’ll use it for carrying my mini laptop when I’ll go out.
    I wishhhhhh to win.

  27. I would use this bag for just about anything. Most likely carrying my tablet and books. When I was a child I had purple sheets with unicorns on them, my mother recently gave me the old sheets, I’m going to do something with them…or hoard them forever 🙂

  28. Mary it is fab, im thinking that would be a great christmas pressie to myself-seeing as I never make time to sew for myself!

  29. What wonderful prints! Thanks for the chance to win.

    I’d use the bag to tote around my everyday items which always include diapers and wipes!

    The sheets on my bed were snoopy 🙂 and Holly Hobby, too 🙂

  30. I would use the bag all the time for everything. I remember having Holly Hobby sheets when I was a kid.

  31. Oh, how lovely! I would use the bag to go to the library! Or just as a purse…I like a big one!

    I had “Pink Panther” sheets when I was a child. They were quite tacky, now that I think about it!

    ljbourque at gmail dot com

  32. I think we just had white sheets when I was a kid! I would use the bag for my toting to my book club. thanks!

  33. I’d use it to carry snacks for the kids (much nicer than a plastic grocery bag)!

    We had plain white sheets. I think I finally got some pink ones in high school.

  34. I still use my brother’s Snoopy sheets as a painting dropcloth! Don’t remember if I had any fancy ones myself, though I probably did. Thanks for this — the prints work so well on that bag!

  35. This is gorgeous. It looks like a bag that would be happy to be my sewing club bag holding my project on the go, don’t you think!? My mum firmly believed in patterned sheets when I was growing up – I had Jemima puddleduck, polka dots and florals 🙂

  36. I loves this bag. I will carry it to my office and show to my colleagues. I remembered i have a Hello Kitty bed sheets.
    Thanks for the chance to win ^^v

  37. It would make a perfect knitting bag! Yay!

    I had a pillow case that my mom made for me with a little girl on it with a big bonnet and on one side it said “good morning” and “good night” on the other. 🙂


  38. I had mint green and pink flowered sheets on my bed as a child. With lots of ruffles. Thanks!

  39. I would use this as my everyday bag. I had snoopy/charlie brown bed sheets when i was little

  40. I would use this bag for everyday use! It’s great!

    The sheets I remember on my bed were Charlie Brown sheets-I still have them and my kids use them-FUN!

  41. Hello, I just love vintage sheets (and anything made from them)! Alas my childhood sheets were plain white. I’ve since made up for that all that plain-ness – fun festive flannel sheets with reindeer adorn my sheets this winter. Thanks for the chance to win. Linda

  42. I would use this bag all the time. I have a bunch of handbags/purses, but since we’ve moved out of the diaper bag stage in our house, I find myself using larger purses more because my munchkins expect Mom to be able to carry all their gear in the bottomless pit that is my purse.

    I love vintage sheets and scour thrift stores for them. My husband thought it was strange until he realized that they can be used just like any bolt type material. He also likes that it saves him money.

    I was usually a plain white sheets sort of girl (still am) as long as they have a decent thread count and get softer after every wash instead of getting pills on them like cheap sheets do.

  43. I followed you on facebook and subscribed to your feed in my reader. 🙂 Can’t wait to get some lovely ideas from your blog. Finding new blogs like yours has been, without a doubt, the best part of this giveaway week.

  44. i would use this for a “quick trip” diaper bag. or any time cuz its too cute. i didn’t have fancy sheets when i was growing up. just plain colors.

  45. I had lots of flowery sheets as a child, but the most memorable thing about them is that they were old and SOFT. I’d use this bag as a carry-all for my errands around town or maybe as a project bag for knitting a sweater. Thank you and Merry Christmas!

    winterwrens at gmail dot com

  46. I would use this bag for anything – I’m a total bag lady and constantly rearranging all my stuff in various bags. I remember having Simpsons sheets on my bed – and I know my brother had Thomas the Tank Engine. I’m sure there were more, but those are the ones I remember!

  47. So cute, love it! I can’t really remember what sheets I had when I was little, but I would use this bag everyday in the summer months.
    Thanks for the chance!
    ap_lemos at yahoo dot com

  48. I don’t remember my sheets but I think had a My Little Pony Blanket.
    brooke at richardchurch dot com

  49. The sheets I remember the most had tiny pale orange butterflies all over them. And my favorite pillowcase had large yellow daisies printed along the opening.

    I love the fabric you chose for the bag. I think it would make a wonderful summer reading at the park bag.

  50. lovely bag. if i won this bag i’ll use it for shopping, bring it to church or to the office. thanks for the giveaway.

  51. I love this bag. I would use it every day. I had Strawberry Shortcake sheets!

  52. Can’t remember the sheets but in Middle school my dad bought me a new Canopy bed and I chose a Pink gingham bedspread. I felt like a princess. This is a sweet bag I would use as my everyday. Thank you.

    skowens (at) sbcglobal (dot) com

  53. I had Snoopy sheets at one point, and some plain pink ones that were the color of a ballet shoe and super soft. I would use that bag to hold my knitting. Merry Christmas!

  54. The bag is lovely …perfect for my new spring purse! Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. I had rather garish Winnie the pooh covers…. I’d use the ag for carrying my own bits and bobs in, my own stuff is usually squashed into the tonf my change bag…

  56. my fav sheets as a kid were yellow gingham. they had been washed a million times and were sooooo soft!

    Thanks for the chance!

  57. I think this would be a great project bag for my crochet stuff:)

  58. I am currently using my purse as a diaper bag also, and this looks like it would serve that purpose well! I love that springy-looking design!

  59. I can recall having Mickey Mouse sheets around the time I turned 12. I know my husband had Paddington Bear sheets when he was little, and he still likes Paddington a lot.

    chibidani at gmail dot com

  60. I would use this bag as a diaper bag or maybe my teaching bag for my flower/balloon classes.

  61. I had Snoopy Sheets too…as well as some really mod flower patterns.

  62. I like you on FB and btw I would use he bag for my crochet projects.

  63. I love this bag I would use it to carry my life including my knitting every time I stepped out the door.
    I remember loving my candy striped sheets as a child, I’m pretty sure they were Winter sheets so I only saw them for a few months, but I used to get excited each time they appeared on my bed.

  64. Beautiful bag! I love vintage sheets. I would use it for my trips to the library. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  65. I would use the bag to carry all of my knitting, toys for my children– oh my gosh I carry around so much stuff! I had sheets with little red flowers on them when I was little.

  66. This bag is lovely! Looks perfect for a day of running errands around town 🙂 I actually had some great floral sheets on my bed as a kid – this bad reminds me of them!

  67. This would be great for all the things I have to haul around for my daughter or for library books or for the craft supplies I have to carry when I go to my sisters or for anything at all!

  68. I love the bag! I would use it as a shopping tote!
    I had My Little Pony sheets;)
    Thank you so much for the opportunity!

  69. I remember orangey-yellow and white stripes and floral sheets on my bed as a kid.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. I think that would make a great summer bag. I had sheets with cats wearing red shoes at a child. If I knew that I would learn to sew as an adult I would have asked mom to save them so that I could make something with them!

  71. What a lovely bag. I would use it for my everyday bag because it is so pretty.

    I had sheets that had a white background and pink flowers all over them when I was a child.

  72. Hello
    I would use the bag to carry my sewing related items to work, like patterns, to read during my breaks. As for the bedsheets I had Strawberry shortcake as a little girl and when I reached the age of 12 moved on to NKOTB (New Kids on the Block, for all you non-fans). Thanks for the giveaway.

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