2 Mar

I’m running a Dress a Girl Around the World sewing evening tonight. My friend Rachel is hosting it at her house and this week we’ve been liaising to make sure everything is ready. She emailed me on Wednesday evening and mentioned that she had a new ironing board cover, I had said I would also take my iron and board (we have 20 ladies coming so hopefully will need both), but could I take this?

Before a new ironing board cover!

Eeeek!  One of my brothers had it at university, it’s his birthday on Sunday and I’m guessing that his university days were 20 years ago!  Oh goodness it’s not had a new cover in all that time, I’m fairly sure it’s had a new pad but not a new cover.

So as Tobi is on leave from work today he did the school run  and I took the opportunity to get some fabric ironed ready for tonight and then pulled out some fabric to cover my board with.  I refered to Randi’s sew-along post but as I was short of time I opted to use just one fabric:

New Ironing Board cover!

Now doesn’t that look a whole lot better?  Am I ashamed any longer? No way! I gave Tobi some errands to run at the local DIY store and added a new pad to his list, so a new cover and a new pad all in one morning! He then also fixed the leg catch thing and the bit where the iron sits! None of it took long, why had I left it so long?

Randi hosts a sew-along every month so go over and have a look at what else is going on.

Right I need to go and sort everything ready for tonight!  I’ll let you know how it goes.

(Fabric: Amy Butler, Nigella home decor range, pink Imperial Fans, even better it was on sale at £6.00 per metre a year or so ago)

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One Reply to “Shame”

  1. Lol, much better! I’m just about to recover mine using the same tutorial, but I needed to get more foam padding for mine too and only picked it up today

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