25 Mar

It’s been almost a week since I last wrote here!  Tobit has had most of the last week off work and we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary so I’ve had other things to do, it’s been great.

Last Sunday I finished the very last star blocks for the Oh My Stars quilt,  what a relief, the last 2 blocks were definitely the worst!  Maybe it was because I was tired, I don’t suppose it was the instructions but look:

Shimmering Stars 8" - fail

Shimmering Stars 8" - fail

What you mean, they look ok? Yes they do, they look fine, but look closely and see how close to the edge the points are. This means that when I sew them to other blocks the points of the star will get lost in the seam allowance and the star will be blunt.  That is not my wish. So, feeling very irritated and annoyed I took them apart, not all the way but I did take off 2 sides and then took those right apart and cut new white pieces slightly bigger and stitched them back together, and thankfully it worked.

So here they are looking much better except you can’t really see that as Tobit cropped the photo’s in tight! You’ll just have to believe me they are much better – phew.

Shimmering Star 8"

Shimmering Star 8"

Hoping to be back soon!

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