Virtual Sew Day part 2

15 Apr

I thought this morning that I might get the chance to do more than 2 posts today, but I didn’t have anything too exciting to show!

So Leah and I went to the car boot sale at 7:30am and I came back empty handed, but do you know what?  The sun was shining and she and I had fun looking and I loved listening to her chattering away!   Home for breakfast and then to my machine.

I quilted and I quilted, the children played in the garden while Tobit painted lettering for the Tedx Exeter.  We had a late lunch of homemade pizza in the garden – it was sunny but a bit chilly but it meant I didn’t need to clear the dining room table.  I washed up and then I quilted some more.  We had some friends over in the late afternoon, part of my plan to not spend all day at my machine!

It was great to chat and relax my back, I baked scones for tea, chatted and ate.  Children bathed and in bed by 7pm and then back to my sewing machine for those last bits of quilting!

The quilt is quilted!

Oh My Stars quilted

Oh and I washed a stack load of fabric ready for cutting, it spent the afternoon fluttering in the breeze.

Next step is to bind the quilt, any tips on machine binding would be gratefully received, Rachel has given me some hints already, I always done it by hand but fancy trying the machine method.

Thanks Rachel for the motivation today, it’s been fun and very productive. Check out Rachel’s progress here.

Time for a glass of wine with my supper!

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5 Replies to “Virtual Sew Day part 2

  1. Woohoo, go you! I made the ice cream, washed up, mopped the floor and went for a nap lol I did get the quilt basted after that, then I made breakfast for tomorrow/Tuesday and lunches for the week to take into work, and sat down in front of the computer with dinner and haven’t moved since lol I did type up a whole tute for tomorrow, so I feel slightly vindicated that I didn’t actually start quilting yet 😉

  2. How, how, how, did you do that quilting?? and with such a big quilt. I’ve been struggling with straight lines! 😉

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