Zakka Style sew along: Sewing Kit

25 Apr

Week 4 and I’m still going on this!  It helps that some of that projects are quick and easy.

So again I opted out of linen went straight for denim and also used the same napkin as I used last week for the pincushion:


There is some batting inside which was left over from a quilt, I thought I had some leather thongs but what I’d seen were actually more like laces (don’t ask why they were in the children’s art drawer), but they seem to do the job.

This book suggests stamping on the case and pincushion but the denim is so dark it didn’t seem worth it.  So for a bit of embellishment I made a yo-yo/suffolk puff:


The pincushion this week is just stuffed with scraps from my textiles bin as I couldn’t be bothered to go all the way upstairs to get some polyester stuffing and am saving the crushed walnut shells for later.

This was a great quick and easy project and would make a great gift for a sewing friend.

Have you joined in yet?  Are you tempted?

Katy is host for this week and is giving away one of the sewing kits she made so if you can’t be bothered/haven’t the time to make one of your own pop over there and enter quick.

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10 Replies to “Zakka Style sew along: Sewing Kit

  1. Another lovely project Mary – you’re really flying lately and doing sooooo much stuff, well done you xx

  2. Cool. I will probably tackle mine next Monday, as I’m apparently incapable of committing until after the link up where you can actually win something…

  3. When the Zakka Sew-Along is done – I want to swap all of my projects for yours! They are looking so fab.

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