FQ Retreat Linky Party

26 May

So this time next week I’ll be in London at the Fat Quarterly Retreat, I’m joining in the linky party for us all to get to know each other a little better before the weekend.

So I’m Mary, 30 something, live in beautiful (well it was today) Devon with my husband and 3 small children (7, very nearly 5 and 2).

Lynne set a trend by putting up a picture of herself in her post so here is mine:


Ok yes it was a bit of a dare for me to post that picture, I won’t be wearing the pink glasses or accessorising with a small child but I may well be wearing a cheesey grin!

I’ll be wearing this:

FQ Retreat - my name tag!

Made for me by the talented Ruth in the name tag swap.

And probably this:


I think there are a few folks (Kelly, Pennie and Hadley) who’ll be ‘wearing’ one of Anna’s bags, I think it would be great if we could have a group shot of us ‘modelling’ them for her!

Before Friday I need to pull all the fabric etc I need for the workshops and make sample swaps!  Other than buy a few supplies in town today I am completely unprepared.   I’m also trying to finish 2 more quilts for Siblings Together although I’m not sure I’ll be able to fit them into my bags!

On Sunday mornings you can find me hanging out rummaging around at the car boot sale often alongside (Very) Kerry,  but next Sunday I’ll be found hanging out in Kerry’s workshop instead!  Other classes include Lucie’s portholes and EPP with Tacha on Saturday and Katy’s purse frames on Sunday afternoon.

I’ve been sewing for a long time, sewing seriously a lot in the last 3 years.  I don’t go out to work so spend most of the day around the house, sewing when possible alongside all the normal stuff that goes with 3 children!

I’ve made a number of quilts, none of them too out of the ordinary,  but earlier this year I joined in my first QAL and used vintage sheets and am quite delighted with the end result:

Oh My Stars finished quilt

I’d love to bring it with me for Show and Tell but I have 3, maybe 5 quilts to pack in for Siblings Together!

I’m staying with my youngest brother in Brixton and am really looking forward to seeing him too.  This will be the first time I’ve been away from my gorgeous children so I’m feeling a bit funny about that, I’m sure they’ll be fine but if you’re a mum you’ll maybe know what I mean!  I know that they will be safe in the more than capable hands of my husband, and we have a weeks holiday from school to spend some family time together, so deep breath and into some sewing.

Bar Camp…not seen it mentioned in anyone elses post but am feeling very conscious of it and would love to contribute but haven’t got any head space to plan anything! If any one has anything they’d like to hear about from me please say so in your comment.

Excited?  Yes!  Or at least I will be when I know I can get everything done in time!  Nervous?  No not really, as well as chatting to Kerry on Sunday’s, Emily and I went to the Festival of Quilts together last year and have had a couple of sewing days since and there’s a number of other folks going who I’ve caught up with online.

So here’s to a hectic week and a peaceful few hours on the train on Friday (I can’t remember the last time that happened!) before what I’m sure will be an amazing weekend!  See you there.

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28 Replies to “FQ Retreat Linky Party

  1. I really know what you mean about being away from the kids, its bad enough when they go to my mums 10km’s down the road for the day, Ive only been away from both of them overnight (they are 7 and 5) so 3 nights will be tough but they’ll be fine…its me that’ll be worrying.
    I was wondering about Bar camp too, can’t really help out much.
    Adore your QAL…can’t wait to meet you 🙂 Think we are in EPP together

  2. This will only be the second night away from the girls, son stays with my parents now and then, but I am not thinking about that!
    Not thinking about Bar Camp either, seeing as there are going to be about 100 of us there and hardly any time for it, so I will happily watch and smile x

  3. I know what you mean about being away from the kids, but I’m sure you will be busy busy and not notice too much!
    Looking forward to meeting you!

  4. Pity about the glasses. Loving the bag. The kids will love having you home so really it’s a gift to them. You are selfless!

  5. Hi Mary! Other than feeling like your right arm is chopped off and you forgot something, you’ll be fine with out the children, honestly! A bit wierd at first, but really it’s all good, and you’ll be having way to much fun too!

    Bar Camp – forgot all about that, and I said I’d do FMQ’ing- better add that to my mahoosive list too!

  6. Dont worry about bar camp. I have a feeling we’re going to be so busy next weekend that we’ll be running out of time for most of the things we imagine we might get through! I’m concerned I might not recognise you without those pink glasses so perhaps you’d better wear those next weekend!

  7. I’m loving the bags. I never seem to have the right sort of fabrics for a nice bag like this. Perhaps I need some shopping help on Friday. 🙂

  8. Hi Mary

    Just want to say enjoy every single second, you’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Happy Days!! xx

  9. Hi Mary. Looking forward to meeting you. Being without your kids will be a revelation. You will miss them like crazy but be amazed to be reminded what it is like to have a conversation that isn’t interrupted and to finish what you started. And returning home is as great a feeling as being away for a short while.

  10. The first time I was away from my girls I spent the whole weekend thinking about them! I’ve only been away a couple of times since and each time it is getting easier. Especially since when I am away I am usually surrounded by a whole bunch of quilting fanatics! See you soon!

  11. A familiar face! The booty will be rubbish next Sunday- it has to be because we are not there!

  12. Hi Mary,

    I can’t wait to meet you in person at last 🙂 If the weather stays this nice I think you might have to bring the pink sunglasses….

    I’m sure that once you get back the kids will appreciate you even more so it’s worth it just for the welcome home cuddles.

  13. Another mum here totally understanding where you are coming from. I wish I had been braver myself and arranged to stay in London and come for the weekend.

    I can’t wait to meet you (though you’ll HAVE to wear the pink sunnies now or I’ll not recognise you!!!) and see your Siblings quilts.


  14. Ohh we need to get a 241 group shot for sure! Looking forward to meeting you next week 🙂

  15. Hahaha, bring the glasses, then you can look as crazy as I sound 😉 We are going to have a blast (although I may disgrace myself and come home with no friends!)

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