Help please!

19 Nov

This coming weekend my lovely youngest cousin is getting married, the present is made, a gorgeous quilt with photo’s coming soon (it just needs a label), now the small matter of what to wear.

Truth be told that has actually been decided, I’m not a great one for looking glam or smart or even wearing much apart from jeans but I bought a dress back in the summer that I’ve not worn yet and it will do just fine.

So how to accessorise?  I’ve got some jewellery that will go wonderfully I just think that I need to make myself a clutch purse to go with it.

The blue floral fabric at the back is my dress, the other fabrics are those that I’ve pulled from my stash to make something with:

Dress and fabric

I have a 6″ x 3″ purse frame that I’m thinking of using.  Have you seen Emily’s frame purse tutorial over at the Village Haberdashery, it’s pretty smart and I’m tempted to make a pieced purse.

So what I’d like from you are suggestions as to what I could do on the purse, bearing in mind I can’t use the index finger on my right hand so any more than a little hand sewing is out of the question (obviously there is more fabric in my stash that I could use, let me know if you think I’ve missed something).

Be quick it needs to be done before we travel on Friday and if I’m not careful I’ll spend hours browsing this group and this group on flickr and not do any sewing atall!

I will be back soon with a winner from the UR Priceless giveaway just need to turn on the comment numbering gadget thingy.

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6 Replies to “Help please!

  1. I would use the plain blue and the small circles and line it with the pink. A little hand sewing with a very soft pink would be nice if you could manage it. Hope your finger is better soon.

  2. I think the blues are all lovely. I’d make a purse with three long strips of fabric, kind of like a blue, patterned version of the Dutch flag… indigo at the top, smaller circles in the middle and large circles at the bottom. I’m getting a bit carried away, obviously I wish those fabrics were mine! But I think it would make a nice, modern, graphic accent for the dress. ps Have a lovely time!

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