Do I need another bag?

3 Apr

You may have seen recently that the talented Sara has brought out 9 new bag patterns, all available in her pattern shop .

I just happen to be a reader of Katy’s blog and last week she had a giveaway of readers choice of pattern, would you believe it I was one of the three lucky winners to win 3 patterns?

Thanks Katy and Sara for these lovely looking patterns with which I hope to make lovely looking bags!  Katy did mention that she might just host a bag sew along, she’s a bit of a clever lady so if you’re interested in bag making it will certainly be worth a look.

So the patterns I picked? the Aeroplane bag, Dot Dot Dash bag and Petrillo bag:


My goal for the month of April is to get all the pieces cut for the Aeroplane bag.  First of all I need to work out how the interfacing used translates into what I’ve already got or what I can easily get my hands on.  The Spring Quilt Festival is on this weekend and I may be able to get some supplies from there. I’ve just ordered those bits from The Cotton Patch and I can pick up from their stand on Saturday and save the postage cost – hurrah.

Bearing in mind that the children are on holiday from school for the next 2 weeks and there is limited workspace in our house at present I think that this is a manageable goal especially as I have no idea about what fabric I might use for it!

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10 Replies to “Do I need another bag?

  1. I love the Aeroplance bag, I’ve pinned it on my want to make one day list. Can’t wait to see how yours turns out and how you find the pattern.

  2. Have fun with the bag. I was going to suggest The cotton patch for checking out the UK equivalents for interfacing.

  3. Oh phew, I’m SO glad you won’t be bored for April, I had a fear you might be running out of projects there 😀

  4. A girl can never have enough bags! I have been eying this pattern,and will probably end up buying it. A bag sew along would be sweet 🙂

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