Peppers please

8 Jun

Last week I showed you the paper pieced pencil case I made for my niece from the Patchwork, Please! book.

This week the Patchwork, Please! Zakka Along 2.0 kicked off, the plan is to work through the book with a project a week, linking up and sharing your makes (oh and there might be prizes too).

The first project are some fairly simple coasters, made in the shape of a bell pepper.  I had fun pulling scraps from my collection but realised that I do keep some pretty small scraps in those boxes and not many were suitable and big enough!  Despite having joined in the text charm swap last year I also discovered that very few of them worked (in my mind) for this project (but happily I’ve taken part in another text charm swap so will have more to choose from soon).

Ok so I will confess that I sewed the red backing to the orange pepper and only realised after I’d trimmed the pepper with my pinking shears and yes incredibly I was patient and unpicked it carefully and sewed the correct parts together:

Bell pepper coasters

As I sewed these I did think that with a little tweaking you could make butterfly coasters or round them to make them look more apple like and to be honest one of my children thought they were apples!

I’m adding these to the flickr pool, check it out for everyone elses take on the projects.


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