A goal for August

5 Aug

I’ve been wondering for a few days now what to set as my goal for the month, there are a number of projects that could do with being finished but I’m not inspired to commit to them this month.  The children are off school for the summer holidays and that could mean less sewing time and certainly less time for concentrated sewing time.

So I’ve decided that with a camping trip planned at the end of the month I will make myself some pyjama bottoms.  Camping in the UK generally means chilly evenings so I’m going to use a flannel sheet;


which if successful means I’ll be warm and if they are a complete disaster it will be an inexpensive mistake.

I’ll let you know how I get on.  Linking up with:


A Lovely Year of Finishes

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4 Replies to “A goal for August

  1. Where are you going camping? We’ve just been to the new forest, it was lovely, and not too chilly in the evenings! Although flannel pyjamas were definitely donned for bed time.

  2. I’m looking forward to seeing you sporting them with your wellies over breakfast.

  3. I remember camping a couple of Easters ago with gloriously sunny weather during the day… and at night, it was so flipping cold I had on jammies, slipper socks, 2 sleeping bags, a double sided fleece blanket and another single fleece blanket on top. So yeah, I’d say flannel is a good choice 😉

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