A Lovely Year Of Finishes – August

29 Aug

My goal for this month was to make myself some pyjama bottoms.  I bought a flannel sheet from the car boot earlier this year and thought it would be ideal fabric for pyjamas:


I drafted my own pattern using a pair of shop bought bottoms. I like the idea of 1 piece of fabric for each leg but I don’t like how some tutorials show you how to draft a pattern and the front and back pieces are identical. So I cut a front and a back for each leg, the back waist ended up being higher than the front which is comfy for me.

One mistake I did make was to not add enough length to the legs for hemming so I just cut a 3″ strip for each leg and sewed them on and hemmed those. It turned out quite tidy with the seam being incased in the hem.

You don’t get to see a picture of me modelling these, the lurgy is still lurking in our house and too much effort is required for me to model them – sorry:


Next time I will lengthen the legs by 3″ to avoid adding the hem and I’d probably use a wider elastic in the waistband, I think I used 1/2″ and would prefer it to be wider maybe 1″.

So you will have to take my word for it that these were successful, they fit, they are comfy and yes I would use my own pattern again.  I wore them last weekend when we were camping and I didn’t wake up at any point due to being cold!

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4 Replies to “A Lovely Year Of Finishes – August

  1. Yay for a finish! I so want to make myself flannel jammies, but the only flannel I’ve managed to get that I liked of it, I ordered online and they didn’t have as much as I ordered, but sent it anyway, so I’d end up with flannel shorts o.O I need to find some vaguely matching fabric I could tack on the bottom for a hem

  2. My September task it to make pj’s from the retreat pattern. I started with shorts but they came out a bit small so I’m going to redraft the pattern. It was a free one from Simplicity you can download and does the one pattern piece per leg thing. So might be worth checking out to see if it you can alter it for your next pair?

  3. They look great! Instead of wider elastic for your next pair, have you tried using two or three rows of narrow elastic, each in its own channel? I find this method sits more comfortably.

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