Another Sidekick Tote (a vomit proof bag)

21 Oct

Earlier this year I made myself a Sidekick Tote, I’ve used it a lot and love it:

Sidekick Tote - Echino Scooters

During the summer holidays I made a trip to the local fabric shop and spotted some gorgeous webbing that was being unpacked from a delivery, I decided that I needed it for the strap for my next bag!

Yes, I did have a plan for a new bag already in my mind but the webbing was the deciding factor for actually making it:

Laminate Sidekick Tote

Ever the practical person I don’t like to use my first Sidekick Tote if it’s raining, I don’t want to get it soaked and risk the contents getting soggy too, so I pulled out my stash of Summersville Alphabetti laminate to use.

Laminate Sidekick Tote

The pattern suggests the use of interfacing but I didn’t in this one as the laminate is quite stiff. I’ve no idea how the fabric houses go about deciding on the strength of the laminate they apply to their fabrics but the Moda one is considerably stiffer that the Michael Miller (used for the pocket) and also matt rather than a gloss finish.

Laminate Sidekick Tote

I must make a note on the paper pattern about the pocket closure; I missed it the first time and almost this time too. It may be because of where it is on the page or because I use the 2nd pocket option but it’s quite annoying to have to fiddle around to fit the velcro it in.


It’s a wonderful bag, again I made the small size which is plenty big enough for my needs. It holds up well in the wet weather and little did I know that during our camping trip it would also be put to the test of projectile vomiting from a poorly child (my child rather than anyone else’s – does that make it better or worse?). A wipe with antibacterial wipes and it was as good as new, sadly the same could not be said about poorly Leah!

I have a packet of Sharpies which I am very tempted to use to do some colouring on the bag but so far I’ve resisted, maybe I’ll make a third just for colouring purposes!

It’s not quite Tuesday here but it is some places in the world so I’m linking up with:

Sew Cute Tuesday

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11 Replies to “Another Sidekick Tote (a vomit proof bag)

  1. I love them both so much!! How would you rate this pattern re difficulty? It doesn’t look too bad.

  2. Great idea!! I’ve wanted to try a laminate bag for a while too, but I’m a little nervous of how to actually sew it – would it stick to my foot/feed dogs, can I find the right needle locally/easily?! Hope your daughter’s doing better!

  3. Great use of laminate, I hadn’t seen these laminated fabrics before. They’re difficult to find in Italy at the moment.
    Your bag is fantastic (and very useful!)

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