Shhhhh (it’s a low volume charm swap)

2 Nov

We’ve just had a birthday party for our almost 9 yr old, she only had 3 friends over for a decoupage party:


It was still pretty loud, so I’m definitely in the mood for some low volume, which is no bad thing because Rachael over at The Floral Suitcase has decided to organise a low volume charm swap.

I’m in, I’ve picked my fabrics, head on over to Rachael’s blog post on it here to sign up and check out the flickr group here.

Hope you have a nice quiet afternoon.

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2 Replies to “Shhhhh (it’s a low volume charm swap)

  1. Oh, thanks for the tip off! Been wanting a low volume swap for ages 🙂 Have signed up, though bit alarmed about finding a fabric!! Hope the party went well.

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