Boxy Pouch x 4

10 May

At the beginning of the year Bonnie posted this tutorial for a boxy pouch.  Soon after I saw a few that others had made and quite fancied making one for me.

It was half term holiday (February) I was on a selvedge kick at the time, making this for a friend:

selvedge bucket

and then stitching together a couple of panels, quilting them and turning them in to this:

Selvedge Boxy Pouch

Ok, not the best photo in the world, but it gives you an idea.

Someone came home from work and said that it would be just great for all the gadgety bits he carries around with him in his work bag, I told him he couldn’t have it but I did make him this one:

Boxy Pouch - Japanese scraps

I scrapped the bottom of the Echino/Japanese linen scraps bucket and managed to find just enough!

Boxy Pouch - Japanese scraps

There weren’t enough for the lining but I found something suitable:

Boxy Pouch - Japanese scraps

A small boy then started going on about a London bus bag and needing a boxy pouch, so we pulled some novelty scraps:

Boxy Pouch for M aka London Bus pouch

Great for any random things that a 4 year old boy might need to carry around with him:

Boxy Pouch for M aka London Bus pouch

Scraps included a piece with a London bus on it:

Boxy Pouch for M aka London Bus pouch

It’s not easy to see but I added a tab to the end of this one, something for a small hand to hold on to while zipping the pouch.  I used a piece of fabric 4″ x 2″ and folded it and pressed it, to make a piece 1″ x 2″ and tucked it in when sewing up the end at a similar point to sewing in the handle.

That was not the end, someone else decided that they too needed a boxy pouch, Leah rummaged through the scrap boxes and made her own selection of fabrics:

Boxy Pouch for L

You can see more clearly the end tab on this pouch:

Boxy Pouch for L

She even chose her own zip and lining:

Boxy Pouch for L

If you’re not sick of the sight of them now and would like to make your own, head on over to Pink Stitches for the tutorial.

Boxy pouches

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