End of an era

22 Jul

Way back in October 2007 my eldest child started preschool, my other 2 children have also attended the same wonderful preschool (although thankfully it moved to a purpose built building rather than an upstairs room in a church!).

Today is my youngest childs’ last day at preschool, we are really thankful for the wonderful staff who have had such a positive input into the lives of all of our children over the last seven years.  I spoke to the preschool about making something as a thank you gift for the children to use.  The most popular suggestion from the staff was super hero capes (I think that some of them might have been hoping for adult sized capes!).

I will not say that my heart sank but I will admit that they are not my favourite thing to make; more to the point I’m just not keen on stitching with that slippery, slidey, shiny fabric!

But I did it, Mathias and I made a trip to the local fabric shop and picked out some colours from their varied selection of shiny fabrics.  To be honest he was more entranced by the gold, shiny, sequin stuff declaring it to be pirate treasure.

I’ve made super hero capes on a number of occasions in the past using this tutorial.  No need to reinvent the wheel, I pulled out the template, shortened it by approximately one inch (just to get 2 cape pieces out of the (WOF) and got cutting and sewing.

They didn’t take long:


Hmmm not the most inspiring photo, how about some action shots? Swooping in from somewhere:

Superhero Capes

Pondering the next move:

Superhero Cape in action

Big sister just proving that being 7 years old is not too old for a cape:

Superhero Cape in action

I’m not the biggest fan of wrapping paper and knowing how much children like bags for putting ‘stuff’ in I stitched up a couple of lined drawstring bags in the Project Bag size:

Lined drawstring bags (for superhero capes)

Fill each with 2 superhero capes and hopefully hours of fun for the children not going to ‘big’ school in September.

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2 Replies to “End of an era

  1. They are fab – and such a lovely parting gift. I hope you aren’t feeling too emotional x

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