Scraptastic projects

23 Oct

You may have come across Leanne and Nicky’s new monthly link-up of scrappy projects. It got me thinking about my love of scraps and what I use them for.  I used to keep the tiniest pieces and then gradually started sorting them for this project:

Scrap busting quilt top

At that point I decided that anything smaller than 1″ had to go!

Recently I completed a commission in which I do use some tiny pieces of fabric:

Soft book for Tabitha

A soft book for a 1st birthday gift.

My creation

Every single piece of fabric for the applique came from my scrap boxes. Some are much smaller than others, some have come from projects I’ve worked on and others are from scrap swaps.

Soft book for Tabitha

I think I spend more time selecting the scraps to use than sewing them! I’m becoming more ruthless in disposing of scraps but when I’m working on projects like the book I remember how valuable those tiny pieces are. Do you keep every tiny piece?

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7 Replies to “Scraptastic projects

  1. I have just started to throw away really tiny pieces, I used to save it all obsessively but ran out of room and realised I wasn’t really using them anyway. I really like your quilt top- are they 1 1/2″ squares those little patterny bits?

  2. Yes, it’s ridiculous really, but I do, in a shoebox! Surprisingly, they do come in handy though, especially for small, scrappy paper piecing, but I am trying to be more ruthless too 🙂

  3. I find it really hard to throw away scraps too! I love your quilt and that quiet book is just gorgeous, such a good idea! Have a great weekend Mary x

  4. Haha I keep everything! That’s why I had to have a Scrappy focus so I can use them up. Have to say I’m not noticing much difference in my scrap boxes though – still loads to go! Love the quilt and the soft book is cute too!

    Thanks Mary for the shout out and for linking up to Scraptastic Tuesday

  5. I used to keep every scrap but only tended to use the bigger ones so when I moved I threw out all the little ones. I now just keep ones that are over about 5cms square because they are big enough to be used for a few different things.

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