WIP Wednesday

15 Apr

I’ve got a lot on this week, the children went back to school yesterday so I thought I’d have a clear day to get some stuff done but a migraine came and got me and that was it!

I’m working on a commission of a vintage sheet baby quilt:


and 3 crib sheets using these fabrics:

I’ve made one so far, just 2 more to do.

I was asked by my son’s teacher to make some sashes for the teachers to wear when they are not to be disturbed (one teacher wears a tiara but they don’t feel so comfortable with that idea!). I’d sort of planned to do it during the holiday but completely forgot so I popped into the fabric shop this morning and picked up some polycotton and bondaweb:

Paid commission work takes priority over quilt binding:

WIP Wednesday - quilts for binding

I really hope I will have these 2 finished very soon!

Bethan and I have made progress on her Hedgehog quilt this week:


Everything is cut out and the I’ve done a pile of chain piecing. Bethan helped by matching up the pieces and pressing seams open.

There are more WIP’s but none that I’m likely to work on this week so I’m linking up with Lee:


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3 Replies to “WIP Wednesday

  1. Love the floral prints in the baby quilt and matching sheets. My mom made sheets for our babies and they were the best! What a wonderful idea to use matching fabrics from the quilt top.

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