Bag adjustment complete!

23 Apr

Task number 12 on my 2nd quarter FAL list was to lengthen the strap on my mini messenger bag that I pattern tested for Katy.


I love the bag but the strap is shoulder length rather than cross body.

I very rarely wear a bag on my shoulder, I love to have my hands free.  The bag has been hanging on the door right by my sewing desk, taunting me with it’s ‘short’ strap so today I unpicked the strap added a piece 12″ long and stitched it back together again.

It’s perfect and so a month after making the bag I can actually use it!


I’m delighted to have the 1st item ticked off my list!

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4 Replies to “Bag adjustment complete!

  1. I hear ya! I hate a short strap! I’ve started always making them across the body length and adjustable… cause the last TWO times, I was the one picking them out and adding on! Lol!

  2. Great finish, and beautiful bag. I do that too, the one small adjustment sits forever waiting and then I wonder why I left it as it takes no time at all to do.
    I’m helping Adrianne out with the FAL, so I am also to say this next part: I’m visiting as member of the official 2015 Finish Along Cheerleading Squad.

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