Sunday Stash #40

7 Jun

It’s a beautiful sunny Sunday here so a quick post before I head out in to the garden with a quilt to hand bind!

This bundle of loveliness arrived this week:


Sadly I had to pay a customs charge the previous week before they would deliver it to me.  I had asked on IG about customs charges with Massdrop packages and no one in the UK seemed to have received one so I took my chances.  It was still good value for money even with the shipping and customs but I’ll certainly think twice next time.

If you want to know what’s what then here you are:


Top row l-r: Eggplant, Heather, Cosmonaut, Lake,

2nd row l-r: Pond, Dragonfly, Rocket, Lime Curd,

3rd row l-r: Meyer Lemon, Lemon Curd, Apricot, Tomato,

Bottom row l-r: Frosting, Watermelon, White on White, Sand

I think it will take me a while to adjust to the size difference from the original pearl bracelets but I know they will be a great basic.

I’m linking up with Molli Sparkles, go and see what he’s been stashing:

Molli Sparkles
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7 Replies to “Sunday Stash #40

  1. Yes, I was surprised by the cusoms charge when I bought an Accuquilt die from the States. It was not just the duty but the added PO handling charge plus having to go to the main Post office to pay it that added to the inconvenience for me. I have read that a few places arrange to add the import duty to the price at source to obviate this complication, but whenever I have looked to buy fabric from the States I haven’t yet come across one that does this. I would buy more often if they did that!
    Hope you enjoy sitting in the sunshine finishing your quilt….idyllic. Yesterday I was gardening, which I don’t enjoy, but I had washed one of my favourite quilts and enjoyed looking at it on the line as I worked.

  2. Hi Mary
    I love those mini pearl bracelets and I hope when you use them that you don’t get a bad reminder of the customs charges. I am in NZ but my sister is in Lancashire. One time I sent a gift for my niece which was valued at about 30 pounds and my sister had to pay customs and all those extra charges. I was so furious. Since then I buy my nephew and niece gifts from Amazon Uk or other online UK stores and have them delivered. It disappoints me that I can’t send them kiwi gifts but I have to say that I get more for my dollar by buying in the UK, plus the shipping is less! (everything in NZ costs 1.5 to 3 times the UK cost, or even more. Hence my indifference to paying customs charges here – even with them my purchases are still cheaper, plus we have no variety here so at least when I buy online I am getting stuff I couldn’t buy locally. It applies to everything retail or consumer, so annoying)

    I hope the sun was nice for your binding session. Tonight I will also be binding a quilt, but sitting close to the fire instead!

  3. Such a gorgeous bundle! The sting of the shipping and customs charges should subside once you start cutting into these beauties and use them in a project. They’re lovely!

  4. Hi, I’m never sure about those pesky charges either, I think that as long as the total value before shipping is less than £135 then import duty wont be added, but VAT will always be charged and the PO ‘handling’ charge of £8 (whatever the value of package) hurts too. Exchange rate fluctuations bite hard too. All these added together often make the US fabric stores/massdrop just a little too expensive…. still at least there is lovely fabric in the parcel when you open it!

  5. I prefer these to the standard size pearl bracelets- got my bundle from Pink Castle thankfully with no nasty surprises, it’s just a matter of time….. hope it was still a bargain even with the fee compared to UK prices.

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