My birthday

5 Dec

Friday was my birthday, I wasn’t 50 or 60 as my delightful eldest child asked and I don’t get quite so excited about birthdays anymore.  Pretty much a normal day, starting off with us all trying to get up and ready for school and open presents.  To my joy (but not surprise as I’d dropped a number of hints) one of my presents was a copy of ‘The Bag Making Bible’ by Lisa Lam of U-handbag.  If you like bag making then this is the site for you, selling all the bits and pieces for your bag making projects.  The book is great, I’ve not had too many spare hours to look at it yet but on my first flick through I can see all the excellent tips and techniques that I need to have a go at.  Oh the joys of internal zip pockets!  I can see myself losing myself in it for a number of evenings when I’m not so busy.  Well done Lisa!

In the evening I had a stall at out preschool Christmas Shopping Evening, it wasn’t very busy but it was a fun evening out for Tobit and I as Grandma came over to babysit.  So another year older and wiser?  Someone else can be the judge of that.

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One Reply to “My birthday”

  1. Oh I’ve got this book too – but I had to buy it for myself – and I am soooo thrilled with it – and blogged about it too hehe!!

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