WIP Wednesday

I’ve been having a pretty productive time of late and hope to have some finishes to show soon, I made a quilt from start to finish in less than 13 days!

Yesterday I played around with a layout of the blocks from my month in the Siblings Together bee:

stqb cross

I pieced them last night and planned the quilt back, now I’m waiting for some fabric to arrive from the M is for Make sale so I can finish it.

I’ve made some progress on my vintage sheet Retro Flowers quilt:


Yes, believe me that is a photo of progress! More petal curves have been stitched and more backgrounds have been cut.

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#ALYoF October goal

Way back in March of this year I took some prepared fabrics on a sewing weekend with a plan to make a Retro Flowers quilt using vintage sheets.  I managed to stitch up a few pieces:

the beginnings of a retro flower

My goal for the month is to get fabric cut for 9 flowers. I’ve got some Kona Snow on order for the background and that should be here this week I hope.

If I get some petals stitched that will be a bonus but it’s already looking like a busy month with half term holiday coming up fast!

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WIP Wednesday

I’m making an attempt to share more in progress projects rather than just finished items.

This week I have 2 things on my sewing table (ok that’s not true there is a lot of stuff on there at the moment but I think you know what I mean). The first needs to be finished before Sunday, that is the day that our lovely boy turns 5 and it will one of the gifts for his birthday. We’ve got an action packed day planned and I’m hoping that this will be a cushion cover for him to rest his head on at the end of a busy birthday:


Some of you may be shocked and amazed that I’ve done some embroidery but I have and really enjoyed it. I had some floss in my stash and all the other colours I managed to find at the car boot and charity shop so I’m pleased with that.

The other project is another cushion over, I spent the day at a friends yesterday chatting and stitching and managed to get this quilted.  I used her machine and took my walking foot but forgot to take my quilting guide bar (is that what’s it’s called?) so it has very organic/wonky stitching on it:


The pattern is by Jeliquilts from Issue 6 of Love Patchwork and Quilting, it’s a great paper pieced block (or 4) that came together fairly quickly.

Hopefully I’ll have 2 finishes to show before too long!

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Yes I’ve been feeling a little bit sad that I’m not in London this weekend at Fat Quarterly Retreat, I’m enjoying seeing the photo’s appearing on Instagram though they make me miss it even more!

But we’ve been busy here with a preschool sports event, school fair and preschool graduation and fair.  I’ve managed to squeeze in some sewing time and got my vintage sheet string quilt quilted:


I also squeezed in time on Friday to get the binding stitched on one side, the evenings are being spent hand stitching it on to the back:

I’ve also had inspiration for what to do with this:


A vintage blouse from Harrods made in Switzerland, gifted to me by a friend who is moving house, I’m keeping the inspiration under wraps for now but I’m pretty pleased with it.

And if that was enough I decided on the layout for a baby quilt yesterday morning:


Yes, this is the black and white version in case you were wondering!

We’ve nothing planned for today, the children still have a whole week left at school so I feel like we need to reserve our energy for that, I’m hoping therefore that I can make some progress on one or all three of the projects above!

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More oven gloves

I made another pair of oven gloves a couple of weeks ago, again using this great tutorial by Adrienne.  I’d not written about it or even got them photographed but was spurred on by Cindy showing off her lovely hot pants pads to do something about it.

This is the pair I made back in December:

Oven gloves

They get used frequently which means they need washing but I didn’t want burnt hands while they were in the wash so decided that we needed another pair. I’m guessing if I searched hard enough I might find a pair in a cupboard somewhere but sewing is more fun than searching!

More oven gloves

As before I used denim from an ‘old’ pair of jeans, these were from a charity shop pair that were very large and in excellent condition so I really got my money’s worth! I used the dusty pink Kettle Stripe by Melody Miller Ruby Star Shining, it’s a cotton/linen mix so slightly thicker and more hardwearing than a cotton.  I quilted the main piece with Aurifil 1240, a dark burgundy that looked perfect with the coffee pots.  I think the quilting is crucial to the oven gloves, holds the layers together well but doesn’t make them too stiff to use:

More oven gloves

The binding is Sour Apple a Kona cotton which was a pretty good match with the green coffee pots.  I did forget to include a hanging loop so had to do some unpicking to add it in.

More oven gloves

I’m pleased with how both pairs turned out and they’ve been put to good use over the last few weeks, a highly recommended tutorial if you’re looking for one.

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Boxy Pouch x 4

At the beginning of the year Bonnie posted this tutorial for a boxy pouch.  Soon after I saw a few that others had made and quite fancied making one for me.

It was half term holiday (February) I was on a selvedge kick at the time, making this for a friend:

selvedge bucket

and then stitching together a couple of panels, quilting them and turning them in to this:

Selvedge Boxy Pouch

Ok, not the best photo in the world, but it gives you an idea.

Someone came home from work and said that it would be just great for all the gadgety bits he carries around with him in his work bag, I told him he couldn’t have it but I did make him this one:

Boxy Pouch - Japanese scraps

I scrapped the bottom of the Echino/Japanese linen scraps bucket and managed to find just enough!

Boxy Pouch - Japanese scraps

There weren’t enough for the lining but I found something suitable:

Boxy Pouch - Japanese scraps

A small boy then started going on about a London bus bag and needing a boxy pouch, so we pulled some novelty scraps:

Boxy Pouch for M aka London Bus pouch

Great for any random things that a 4 year old boy might need to carry around with him:

Boxy Pouch for M aka London Bus pouch

Scraps included a piece with a London bus on it:

Boxy Pouch for M aka London Bus pouch

It’s not easy to see but I added a tab to the end of this one, something for a small hand to hold on to while zipping the pouch.  I used a piece of fabric 4″ x 2″ and folded it and pressed it, to make a piece 1″ x 2″ and tucked it in when sewing up the end at a similar point to sewing in the handle.

That was not the end, someone else decided that they too needed a boxy pouch, Leah rummaged through the scrap boxes and made her own selection of fabrics:

Boxy Pouch for L

You can see more clearly the end tab on this pouch:

Boxy Pouch for L

She even chose her own zip and lining:

Boxy Pouch for L

If you’re not sick of the sight of them now and would like to make your own, head on over to Pink Stitches for the tutorial.

Boxy pouches

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A goal for February – #ALYoF

Life seems to be revolving around this quilt but it will get finished!

This month my goal is to get all the blocks made up.

This morning I sorted all the small flying geese into sets of 4.


Now they are sat in piles on my cutting table taunting me, begging to be stitched into blocks.  Once in blocks of 4 I will add a large flying geese block to the top so it looks like this:

Tule Flying geese block

So by the time I link up at the end of February I hope to have 72 blocks that look like that!

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I mentioned yesterday that I’d made my first economy block at the weekend.  Yesterday I wasn’t in the best of moods but in between trying to drink cups of tea and other stuff I managed to make this little lot:


I am delighted to tell you that all these fabrics aside from donated pieces are from my scrap boxes. Going through the boxes I realised that they truly are scraps boxes with not many pieces being 4″ square which is the largest piece needed for these blocks but I stuck to my plan and didn’t use anything from stash.

I’m going to turn the blocks into a table runner 3 x 7 so need to make another 2 blocks. My plan is for a reversible runner with 3 lone stars (if my maths is correct) on the other side, then it will serve well as a sample for a workshop that is being planned.

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A goal for January – #ALYoF

Deep breath, time to make a decision about my goal for the month.

Truth be told I’m going to try and be really disciplined this year and focus on what I want to do, not pick up BOM’s or QAL’s unless I really have the time. This afternoon I finished off an essential project and have nothing else on my list of ‘must do’ other than the wedding quilt.

So the plan for the month is to get all the cutting done for the quilt, it might have to be interspersed with some sewing to stop me getting bored. I’m not committing to a finished quilt top because I’ve not yet calculated the finished size or how big a quilt I can make with the fabric I have!

This is the fabric for the top along with metres of Kona Snow.

Tule by Leah Duncan for AGF

I guess I actually have some maths to do before cutting!

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A cushion for Christmas

Sew Mama Sew giveaway winner announced over here.

At last a blog hop for cushions not pillows! (In my life cushions are for sofa’s and pillows are for resting your head on at night).

Ms Midge

On Friday afternoon I spotted a rather gorgeous cushion over here and I realised that it could be a quick and simple gift for one of the nieces on my list.  So already knowing what colours she liked I pulled out my scrap boxes and rummaged and used this tutorial.

Before too long this was happening:


A bit of ironing, cutting and more stitching and there was this:

string block

I had fun playing with my new Acufeed ditch quilting foot, although it doesn’t work by magic and a little more concentration might help next time.  I might also need to pay more attention to how I press the seams.  I’m guessing that if I press them open then it should make the ditch easier to access.

So once the electricity guys had been and gone (they turned the electrics off for 45 minutes at 19:30 so I faffed about by candle light trying to find something to do) I finished the cover off:


More scraps for the back:


Another gift finished:

String Block cushion cover

Thanks to Joshua for the inspiration and tutorial, I’m feeling inspired to make more!

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