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A goal for February – #ALYoF

Life seems to be revolving around this quilt but it will get finished!

This month my goal is to get all the blocks made up.

This morning I sorted all the small flying geese into sets of 4.


Now they are sat in piles on my cutting table taunting me, begging to be stitched into blocks.  Once in blocks of 4 I will add a large flying geese block to the top so it looks like this:

Tule Flying geese block

So by the time I link up at the end of February I hope to have 72 blocks that look like that!

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I mentioned yesterday that I’d made my first economy block at the weekend.  Yesterday I wasn’t in the best of moods but in between trying to drink cups of tea and other stuff I managed to make this little lot:


I am delighted to tell you that all these fabrics aside from donated pieces are from my scrap boxes. Going through the boxes I realised that they truly are scraps boxes with not many pieces being 4″ square which is the largest piece needed for these blocks but I stuck to my plan and didn’t use anything from stash.

I’m going to turn the blocks into a table runner 3 x 7 so need to make another 2 blocks. My plan is for a reversible runner with 3 lone stars (if my maths is correct) on the other side, then it will serve well as a sample for a workshop that is being planned.

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A goal for January – #ALYoF

Deep breath, time to make a decision about my goal for the month.

Truth be told I’m going to try and be really disciplined this year and focus on what I want to do, not pick up BOM’s or QAL’s unless I really have the time. This afternoon I finished off an essential project and have nothing else on my list of ‘must do’ other than the wedding quilt.

So the plan for the month is to get all the cutting done for the quilt, it might have to be interspersed with some sewing to stop me getting bored. I’m not committing to a finished quilt top because I’ve not yet calculated the finished size or how big a quilt I can make with the fabric I have!

This is the fabric for the top along with metres of Kona Snow.

Tule by Leah Duncan for AGF

I guess I actually have some maths to do before cutting!

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A cushion for Christmas

Sew Mama Sew giveaway winner announced over here.

At last a blog hop for cushions not pillows! (In my life cushions are for sofa’s and pillows are for resting your head on at night).

Ms Midge

On Friday afternoon I spotted a rather gorgeous cushion over here and I realised that it could be a quick and simple gift for one of the nieces on my list.  So already knowing what colours she liked I pulled out my scrap boxes and rummaged and used this tutorial.

Before too long this was happening:


A bit of ironing, cutting and more stitching and there was this:

string block

I had fun playing with my new Acufeed ditch quilting foot, although it doesn’t work by magic and a little more concentration might help next time.  I might also need to pay more attention to how I press the seams.  I’m guessing that if I press them open then it should make the ditch easier to access.

So once the electricity guys had been and gone (they turned the electrics off for 45 minutes at 19:30 so I faffed about by candle light trying to find something to do) I finished the cover off:


More scraps for the back:


Another gift finished:

String Block cushion cover

Thanks to Joshua for the inspiration and tutorial, I’m feeling inspired to make more!

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Made in November

A new month and therefore a quick round-up of the sewing I did in November.

Three notebook covers for friends and relatives:

My creation

This last week I’ve been sewing up some clothes for the children and pyjama bottoms for me:

Clothing in November

And here is all the other ‘stuff’:

My creation

A bee block, some paper piecing, an owl bag, a scrappy trip quilt top, table runner all ready for Christmas, a quilt finish (there is another quilt finish but I don’t have photo’s yet) and an infinity scarf for my lovely husband using some of the leftover triangles from the quilt next to it!  And there are a couple of cushion covers too which I finished yesterday so also need to be photographed.

I’m planning to revisit a few of the finished projects in the next week or so with a blog post and some more detail – bet you can’t wait!

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Birthday girl

Nine years ago today this gorgeous girl was born;

bethan 1 day

I wanted to give her something handmade for her birthday, but funnily enough she has quite a lot of handmade things and I was struggling to come up with a plan. So I decided to paper piece an Orca and let her decide what she would like it made in to.  The pattern is from Joanna’s etsy shop and can be found here (along with other fantastic patterns).

I didn’t start sewing until Wednesday night, Joanna very helpfully codes all her pieces with the colour of the piece e.g. background, white or black, I normally write on every piece but didn’t need to this time.  It was quite nice to use just 3 different fabrics in this block after using so many in the And Sew On blocks!  The Orca is Universe in Night from the Curious Nature line by Parson Gray and Metro Living Circles in snow and the background is Quilt Blocks Marine Blue Hexagon Dots by Ellen Luckett Baker.

I laid the blocks out and discovered that I’d used a piece of background fabric where there should have been a black piece, so I unpicked that and replaced with the correct piece.

I got all but 3 of the 15 ‘blocks’ made, yesterday afternoon I got on with the last 3 and added them to the jigsaw.  I started stitching the blocks together and had all the top ones done when I spotted another error:


You should be able to spot it too.  This time it was a pattern error and Joanna has now corrected it (if she wasn’t so helpful in coding the patterns it would have been my fault!).  So after a bit of cussing I unpicked a few seams and replace the offending fabrics with the right one.  Pretty soon I had this lovely creature:


I wrapped it up and presented it to Bethan this morning – she was delighted (good girl) and decided that she would love me to make into a cushion cover, at that point I told her that we could make it together. I’ll share a photo when that’s done!

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Goal for November

Choosing a project for this month has been tough, there are a couple of things that I have to get done anyway so I felt I wanted to choose something else that would feel like a big achievement.

So what have we here?


Yes a pile of vintage sheet scrappy trips blocks, approx 40 of them, started back in April, I wanted to make a quilt using every one of the fabrics in my vintage sheet stash! I have left some out as they didn’t quite work; too low volume (hey maybe that’s next a LV vintage sheet quilt), but I have included some odd ones, they really stand out but I guess this is a quilt for me so I don’t mind!

I don’t really want to make more blocks so I’ll lay these out and hope that I can come up with a layout I’m happy with, then I will get stitching!

So my goal for the month is to have this pieced in to a quilt top, anything more will be a bonus, I can just imagine that it might take a long time to choose a backing for this!

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Another Sidekick Tote (a vomit proof bag)

Earlier this year I made myself a Sidekick Tote, I’ve used it a lot and love it:

Sidekick Tote - Echino Scooters

During the summer holidays I made a trip to the local fabric shop and spotted some gorgeous webbing that was being unpacked from a delivery, I decided that I needed it for the strap for my next bag!

Yes, I did have a plan for a new bag already in my mind but the webbing was the deciding factor for actually making it:

Laminate Sidekick Tote

Ever the practical person I don’t like to use my first Sidekick Tote if it’s raining, I don’t want to get it soaked and risk the contents getting soggy too, so I pulled out my stash of Summersville Alphabetti laminate to use.

Laminate Sidekick Tote

The pattern suggests the use of interfacing but I didn’t in this one as the laminate is quite stiff. I’ve no idea how the fabric houses go about deciding on the strength of the laminate they apply to their fabrics but the Moda one is considerably stiffer that the Michael Miller (used for the pocket) and also matt rather than a gloss finish.

Laminate Sidekick Tote

I must make a note on the paper pattern about the pocket closure; I missed it the first time and almost this time too. It may be because of where it is on the page or because I use the 2nd pocket option but it’s quite annoying to have to fiddle around to fit the velcro it in.


It’s a wonderful bag, again I made the small size which is plenty big enough for my needs. It holds up well in the wet weather and little did I know that during our camping trip it would also be put to the test of projectile vomiting from a poorly child (my child rather than anyone else’s – does that make it better or worse?). A wipe with antibacterial wipes and it was as good as new, sadly the same could not be said about poorly Leah!

I have a packet of Sharpies which I am very tempted to use to do some colouring on the bag but so far I’ve resisted, maybe I’ll make a third just for colouring purposes!

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Blooming Flowers

Week number something or other in the Patchwork, Please! sew along and the turn of the Swedish Bloom Time Quilt.

I will admit to starting this a while ago.  I can’t remember when but it was before we moved out of our living room into our new space…

I started with the flowers:


I spent a fair amount of time pulling fabric, putting it back and pulling more!

Swedish Bloom

Despite thinking that I didn’t have much green in my stash I managed to find enough different prints for the leaves.

Swedish Bloom Time Quilt

This was a bit of a long term project, one I picked up and put down depending on what else I had to do but it didn’t feel like it took a long time.  The flowers and leaves are paper pieced which was quite therapeutic to do once one was complete.

I did spend a lot of time thinking about the layout, whether or not to have the flowers all the same way up or not.  In the end despite my love of symmetry I did opt for following Ayumi’s quilt layout in the book and I’m pretty pleased with it:

Swedish Bloom Time Quilt

I was delighted to use some fabrics that I’d only just bought, quite often fabrics sit in my stash for a while, but all the border are new fabrics including the Francophile Stripe in gold and purple by Suzuko Koseki which was kindly sent to me by the lovely Amber from Dapple and Grey.

My next job is to choose a backing fabric, I think I might have just the right vintage sheet fabric in my stash…

Check out some other great paper pieced projects here:

Paper Piecing Party

Made in July

Wow July seemed like a really busy month and a long one, maybe because I think I got a lot done.

Made in July

A Bee block, Patchwork, Please! sew along, name tags for Fat Quarterly retreat, Siblings Together quilt, paper pieced typewriter started at FQR, teacher gifts and more paper piecing.  A pretty productive and fun month of sewing.

We also made a huge amount of progress on the house;

this was April:

Child labour

to this:

Underfloor heating pipes laid

and this was the middle of July:
A little way to go...

This means that I have more room to sew, there is still a huge amount to do, this space here IS destined to become my sewing space:

Sewing space...

Although someone came home from work yesterday talking about working from home more frequently due to lack of office space at work…


I think I need to make my mark quick!  Those lovely built in cupboards will be housing my stash and sewing kit.

I hope you’ve had a good month, looking forward to seeing what others have been creating over here:

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