3 May

Have you seen the great campaign by Lindsey Rhodes of LRStitched?  It’s a commitment to support makers by buying and making their patterns, read more about it here.

As someone new to pattern writing I have an insight in to the time and energy that makers put in to producing patterns and it can be pretty exhausting.

So I’m going to be joining in, I’ve just bought this pattern to make a wedding quilt for some newly weds in our family (click on the photo for a link to the pattern shop):

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 12.58.52

Four years ago there was a quilt along for this pattern so I’ll be checking out tips and tricks from those blog posts.  I remember at the time being rather struck by this quilt and am more than happy to have an excuse to buy the pattern and make it!

I ordered fabric from Fat Quarter Shop only a week ago and it has just arrived this morning.  The brief was coastal colours and sunsets, Australia and west coast of America, on that basis Tobit chose these colours:


All are Kona’s, l-r Torch, Purple, Niagara, Mediterranean and Canary (this looks far brighter in real life than it appears on my screen).

I’m not expecting to finish this within a week and be able to start a new pattern next week but I’ll be sure to let Emily Cier the pattern designer know how much I value her time spent pattern writing.  Are you joining in?

May Is For Makers | LRstitched.com
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3 Replies to “#mayisformakers

  1. What amazing colours you’ve picked for this great pattern. Yes, I too am joining in – a bag pattern was my first purchase and I certainly won’t get that finished in a week …. but I do already have an eye on my next pattern purchase!

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