A first birthday

12 Mar

The gorgeous boy who lives next door to us was one today.  I decided a while ago on what to make him for his birthday and then his mum saw the book I made for baby Ella and said something like ‘I have to have one of those for Dylan’ so I felt pretty smug and said nothing.

So while I finished this a week of so ago I’ve been holding off posting as I wanted it to be a surprise (more for his parents than him – don’t think he’s too bothered about that sort of thing yet!).

I’ve just realised that this photo is not that clear, but it has his name and dob on it.

They have 2 spaniels so I tried to go for a spaniel looking dog – don’t think it’s too bad!

I didn’t have much of an option with ‘y’ yellow yoyo seemed preferable to yak!

I added a secret ingredient to the middle pages which give it a lovely crackle when scrunched!

Happy Birthday Dylan!


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4 Replies to “A first birthday

  1. Mary this is probably my favourite of Dylan’s presents – thanks so much it’s amazing!

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