One busy week and a lot of dresses!

14 Mar

What a busy week it’s been, I’ve spent many hours cutting, sewing, drawing and planning and almost zero hours cooking and cleaning!  That’s how I like it – not sure anyone else is so keen!

You’ll be aware of the dresses project I’ve been involved in, we had a quick browse round the local charity shops on Saturday morning and I found some groovy retro, vintage or just old pillowcases which I bought for 50p each. I meant to take photo’s of the pillowcases before I started but was too keen to get sewing…

It may be cold here today, we started the day with a frost but there has been sunshine so Tobi kindly took the opportunity to get some sunny shots in the garden.

The fabric for this dress was donated by Sewbox

The Fabric Loft sent me the fabric for this dress – it is very gorgeous, I fell in love with it as I sewed, mmmmm.

Lastly but by no means least

You may well know that Saints and Pinners are local to me so of course I had to have a quick browse through their fabrics while I was there to pick up this gorgeous piece of fabric.  I was very restrained and bought some end of line Lizzy House prints from the Red Letter Day range! (thought I was going to have to fight Jo for it!).  When I started this dress I remembered that Tobi had bought a Glamour bundle for me for Christmas so I opted to use some of that to coordinate with the main fabric, in my opinion it is delicious!

I’ve now finished thirteen dresses and have at least one more piece of fabric on its way to me!

Next up I’ve got an event on Thursday so now need to get my head in gear for that.  I did a stock check a couple of weeks ago and think that I’ve got enough…just need to make sure everything else is ready.

Then, once that’s over I’ve been commissioned to make a recorder case for a colleague of Tobi’s, not just a recorder case though, she plays the descant, treble and tenor and performs in concerts!  So I’ve had this whirring around in my head for a week or so, she’s given me the go ahead to make it so I need to get some samples of fabric to her…

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4 Replies to “One busy week and a lot of dresses!

  1. Love it!!!!
    my dream day is sewing with no distractions…I love the dresses , the girls will just adore them!!
    I just started a blog myself…not sure what to expect from it..but I enjoyed writing it.
    I quilt mostly but started out sewing clothes and doll granddaughters love to choose fabric for the next dress…
    I’m in New York state , in seems like you might be in Europe???
    Have a wonderful day!

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